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Be in the system to change the system

In these past 66 years, we have turned the whole country into a massive ranch where people live like animals. After independence our hopes are been belied and we stand cheated. The root cause for the perpetual maladies that have been diagnosed is the system and their cure is true leadership and a prudent system of governance. People keep complaining about corruption in the system but will just complaining and fretting about its working help? Don’t you want to make a difference?“Yes” was the answer by Arvind Kejriwal.

Era of illiterate franchise, ignorant polity and novice bureaucracy has proved disastrous. The present state of affairs of our country is the logical outcome of the illogical system of governance that we have erected for ourselves. The system must necessarily be run through professionals and experts, be it governance or its administration. Arvind Kejriwal is the leader who is a visionary and capable of addressing the whole nation and its entire populace, and not a group or a particular class or a part of it. Snatching bread from one and giving it to another (policy of reservation) lacks humanity and consideration. A true guardian of the family cannot deny food to one to feed the other rather would keep himself hungry and search for avenues to arrange food for all. If we could fight British imperialism, then why not an evil that is self – inflicted.  Just like the Aam Admi Party, let us wake up to accomplish our lost glory and reverence and reconstruct a nation of our dreams, one of the mightiest and most prosperous in the world. Educate yourself, educate people around you. Education of the masses could help us fight many social as well as political evils.

Not just the politicians but everyone has to change their attitudes, they must say “I can” instead of “Can I”? Feel for the idea you have in mind, imagine what you can do about it, do it, share it with your peers.  Be one of the best officials of the country, elect for the best suitable candidate for governance and help eradicating corruption. This is what is expected from all the citizens of Incredible India. The path may be Herculean, tough and full of hurdles, but not impossible. Let’s pause and determine we should always watch helplessly our system glutting our fortune before our eyes or arise to thwart away this treacherous system because the change begins with you.

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