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Barfi-Deserves to go to Oscars?

Being a creative person is always an awesome feeling. Sometimes you feel like you are a god-creating stuff easily, as if with magic. And sometimes you feel like the woman in the maternity ward-trying to get something out of you with all your strength while suffering unbearable pain. But the end result is always so beautiful that you tend to ignore the stretch marks it leaves on your brain.

You must always hear that creative people live inside their own world, it’s 100% true. We do have our very own world. Where Violets are red, Roses are blue, Ideas are real, Batman is too! In our beautiful and amazing world of creativity, we have laws. Only three laws to be exact.

1) Thou shalt not watch soaps,

2) Thou shalt not actively participate in ‘Bhatt’ films,And the final,

3) Thou shalt not plagiarize!

But they are strictly enforced by the FCP personnel (Fictional Creative Police) who burst through your doors (Minority Report style, with MIB guns and Matrix style martial arts) if you are even suspected of breaking them. You’ve been warned!

The last one is always taken quite seriously. It would be punishable by death with piercing small needles induced with 440 V of current while the accused stands in knee deep water with piranhas gnawing at their toes, if the real world allowed it. We are of the view, “Taking someone’s idea as your own? While you are at it, Why not just steal their babies too? Anyways it looks like you can’t have either one by yourself.”

Sadly it seems that nowadays no one cares about these laws anymore; they are as ignored as Vivek Oberoi’s new movie-what’s its name again? Err…whatever.

Recently in this lawless society, a wonderful new sweet came along. It was tasty, refreshing, and ‘different’. They called it Barfi, and it was good. Many people were seen leaving the theater with wet eyes and some with wet noses. This movie had captured the hearts of almost everyone.

Then a clip on Youtube comes along and exposes this entire sweet’s recipe… it was plagiarized mixture of very old ingredients put in a new wrapper. A lot of Charlie Chaplin, a lil bit of Gene Kelly, Buster Keaton and even some Jackie Chan for the kick.

On realizing that the only decent movie of this year was plagiarized, it broke more hearts than the time many boys finally realized that deo isn’t actually going to make angels fall. Really very upsetting!

Many opposed to the movie, even some big names. Going from subtle taunting to some accusing of outright theft. Finally Anurag Basu explained that he did not steal the ideas; he took them and kept them as it is in his movie to pay homage to those great scenes from the originals.

That’s almost like saying; ‘I just stole this money from the bank and kept it as it is in my house, it was a homage to my bank and all the good work it does’. Good luck explaining that to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Now as Barfi’s mutely moves ahead from the defeated faces of Ms. Vidya Bagchi, Silk Smitha, Sardar Khan, Paan Singh Tomar and makes it way towards the road to Oscars, it brings a sad thought to my head

“Why not Agent Vinod then?”
Why didn’t we approve it for Oscars instead? At least it wasn’t plagiarized… and Agent Vinod could have easily won an Oscar this year! – even if as a comedy flick. Sigh…

– Aditya Ingale

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