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Azadi ka Overdose

1. Prahar – A hot favourite for all cable operators. Independence or Republic Day. You switch on the TV set and there you are. PRAHAR!!!!!!!

2. Border – Definitely a good movie, but it’s about time a ‘border’ is drawn before it, as a ‘can’t-watch-anymore’ flick.

3. Karma – The story is different, and worth a watch. But no story remains different for nearly 3 decades, does it? A result of critically acclaiming the movie a little too much, I suppose. It’s payback time for our Karma.

4. Major Saab – A major bore to watch from the second time on. With the same old love story, it’s about time audiences got ‘independent’ from this film. I don’t see the link of it to Independence Day.

5. Bhagat Singh(s) –Watching it is as good as reading the same story only by different authors.

6. Diljale – I wonder why they show this one, as it has nothing to do with independence whatsoever, except the ‘mera mulk mera desh’ song.

7. Trishul – What is up with these TV channels? It’s Independence Day people.

8. Krantiveer – What used to trigger the patriotic feeling once upon a time, now fuels irritation.

9. Tiranga – Agreed it is our national flag, but we refuse to salute the movie, simply because it is named so.

10. Kranti – When it was released, audiences cried while watching the film. Now they cry because the film is screened.

11. Lakshya – Guess our TV channels just can’t afford to buy the rights to new movies anymore.

12. Sarfarosh – Sar-Phir-Roj. Considering this one, almost every day is Independence Day, as it is screened throughout the year.

13. LOC – I wish I had a line to control the channels from screening this movie. Sucky as it is, it is simply unbearable to watch, even for the first time.

14. Upkaar – No doubt a brilliant movie in its time, but does not connect to today’s audiences. TV channels ke liye suchna: Krupaye karke is film se humein azad kijiye.

15. Pukar – Each time I watch this film, my heart gives a loud ‘puikar’ to all film writers to stop making movies which try so hard to arouse the patriotic kida in us.

Ravi Ved

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