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Mechanical Engineering : Mother of Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering which is pure engineering can definitely be called the mother of all engineering branches. One of the perks of being a mechanical engineer is that a lot of government jobs are available in the filed of mechanics. But it is not just the mechanical engineers who are the lucky lot. There are many government employment options for electrical ...

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Study Engineering in Singapore

Singapore, A small country in Asia. But they are shining like a bright star in the field of technology, business, and Startups !!! Some top ranked universities are doing research in environmental awareness and sustainable living to deal with the global warming issues. National University of Singapore. Nanyang Technological Univesity are some good universities in Singapore. Getting into IIT is quite ...

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The Game of University Admissions; Engineering

The Game of university selection has started. Let’s choose the best college as per your passion and your rank. Though rank is not an only indicator of your talent. Don’t get disheartened if your rank is not good. Remember, “If you get a lime, make its lemonade”. Questions : [1] What was your passion till date? Choose your branch as ...

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Demystifying economics and jobs : today and tomorrow

Should I think of a demand in the market? Whether you are a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, Businessmen or Investors. This article might be useful for you. Which field is in demand? I don’t like this question. The fact is, if there is a demand for computer science and anyone wants to be an Aerospace Engineer, then should ...

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It’s about the right IIT, right engineering and right career

Great dreams of dreamers are always transcended” APJ Abdul Kalam Indian Institute of Technology, A coveted dream of every student. I am taking an opportunity to converse with such students through this article. Here goes;You have put efforts for JEE. You have got a good rank. Now,  you are busy in putting applications. This article will simplify your work;  Where ...

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So it ‘s all about getting into an IIT. Or is it?

The JEE Main ranks are out and JEE advanced will be so too shortly. New IITs, is a new hope. An opportunity for increasing population. Many students don’t get into IITs even if they are talented. Because, there are almost lakhs of people applying for IITs. “Old is Gold” Old IITs are better. The top 5 Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Kanpur, Kharagpur ...

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