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Welcome to the world of ‘mass cheating’. This is a shortcut that is gaining popularity with each passing year. We are talking of engineering students (B.E./ BTech), BMS, BMM, and Architecture. Projects are an integral part of these courses, and supposedly impart practical knowledge. But students – especially those in the final year of engineering – choose to plagiarise projects. ...

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The greatest player EVER to play limited overs cricket. Period! Thank you for all the memories and being an inspiration and a true role-model! God bless you!

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Indian Politricks

“Welcome to Indian Politics. You blame for corruption, I’ll blame for communism. You Shout for FDI, I’ll shout against it. You shout for anti-corruption and I won’t vote!!!”

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Khiladi bhaiyya, aapko kya hogaya?

There was a buzz and hype around the return of Akshay Kumar’s return to the Khiladi avatar with Khiladi 786! Akshay Kumar has long donned the hat of a Khiladi and been the master of that bait. Over the last 24 years he has fought people, broken bones and mastered various martial arts. He mastered the action on screen with ...

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If this was ten years ago and I was scripting a Bollywood movie I would only refer to them as “The Enemy” or “Those villains from across the border”. They never really came out and said who they were in those movies those days. “This was a terrible terrorist attack!” the saree-clad actress in the bad mockup of DD news ...

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India vs Pakistan : Beyond the Boundaries & Within the Battle!

Hindus v/s Muslim Nehru v/s Jinnah Mankind v/s Mankind! India – Pakistan relations suck has never been a matter of doubt! The relationship that started with one sub-continent splitting into two nations shall always remain a fatal blow in the histories of these nations. While Gandhi opposed partition, there was nothing that could stop the partition and save a million ...

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