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Aarushi Talwar. Do we care?

She was born 24 May 1994. She lived till May 16, 2008, almost a full 14 years.

She would have been 19 years old today, and in her 2nd year of college.

Her friends remember her as happy normal girl full of life. One who had a normal middle class childhood,  doting, loving parents. There was nothing to suggest neither from her parents, family, nor the extended family of uncles and aunts, neighbours as to why she was killed.

She did not get a fair investigation. No one knows why she died.  Lot of suspicion and lots of opinions.  By the media, who have proved once again that all they want is a juicy controversy,  of a young girl whose life they could speculate on and make fun of. Days on end.

After all, we the viewers want this, don’t we?  We don’t care if justice is done, we want to unquestioningly swallow what the media tells us about the inefficient police, the indifferent justice system. Do we care?  Is death and controversy so important for us.

Today, her parents have been convicted of the crime. Doesn’t this terrify us all? Is this how one is supposed leave this world?

How would we like to remember a young person, who would have been on of us?  Please post your comments below in memory of Aarushi.


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