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Arranged or Love?

We were out on an educational tour (read Entertainment) in Goa and were lazing around the beaches, when I had a brainwave. I suggested that we survey honeymooning couples on the beaches to ascertain who amongst them were lovebirds, and who were made to marry by those marriage counselors (read old ladies, who we only see in this or that marriage… and who always shows rishteys for you whenever they meet your parents). Catch? We had to come to a conclusion without asking them explicitly; by pure observation.

Well, all you need to do is eavesdrop on the conversation going on and try to concentrate on the target…

Target 1:
Lady in red and a baby hippo with him… was probably looking a doctor from his dumb looks… They all become like that due to over studying. They arrived on the beach… lady folded her pants up. She also folded the pants of her hubby (interesting). Some of us went near them just to listen on their conversation. As expected, the man was afraid that the waves would carry him deep. We started laughing in a mocking style. And the couple went away from there feeling a bit embarrassed. Then they went to take a ride on water scooter (Deja vu.. Esha Deol in Dhoom… paani pe kudhi mar rahi thi). But wait… the jumbo was afraid that the scooter may turn upside down. Despite the assurances given by the gal and the scooter walla bhaiyya the fatso was afraid. This time the gal really shouted very badly on the man.

Case was closed. Unanimous Result. Arranged Knot..

Target 2:
We were in chest deep water… the waves coming to and fro. Suddenly a big wave broke on us and all of us were under water for a couple of seconds. Suddenly a girl on the shore started screaming “Vishal Vishal“. This time the case was just opposite… cool banda.. and a really afraid bandi. Bandi, standing 2 metres away from the wet sand area, was continuously shouting “Vishal meri sunte hi nahi.. kuch ho gaya to… bahar aa jao…Vishallll“. Banda was really getting irritated.. as we were doing HA HA HA. Dude got out and furiously took her by the hand and went away.

Unanimous Result. Arranged knot.

Target 3:
Location change… Anjuna beach… We saw the banda in knee deep water. Bandi was sipping beer on the shore. When we again passed by that place (Coincidently), both of them getting photographed in cozy poses in water…

Result? Obvious!!!

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