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Are you ready to crack that interview?

With the career race getting tougher and more competitive, there really is no room for error. You need to nail that interview, and not just with your qualifications and merits, but also in presentation. You may think that the way you dress doesn’t make much of a difference but you could not be more wrong.

But not to worry, follow this guide and you will impress everyone who comes your way at the office you want.

1. Hair.
Do NOT keep unkempt frizzy hair. For guys, comb your hair and apply a small amount of hair gel to keep them in place (no spikes please)
For girls, Long bangs and messy locks are not going to make you look professional. If you want bangs, keep it short and above your eyes for a neater look. Tie your hair in a bun, cute ponytail or stylish braids.

2. Shoes
For boys, polished black or brown formal shoes with maybe a small silver buckle look best. Do not go for sandals, they look sloppy.
For girls, Authority, Height, stature and style- everything you need in heels. Always remember, people notice what’s on your feet first thing. You can go for black, beige or white ballerinas but heels look way better and classy.

3. Formal shirts
Ironed, crisp and right fitting are the key to formal shirts. For boys, go for stripes and solid colours like navy blue, maroon, white or black. Always keep your sleeves properly folded and iron the folds.
For girls, if your jeans are high waisted, tuck the shirt in comfortable and put a slightly bright coloured belt on to look chic yet professional.

4. Accessories.
For boys, you have 2 options- watches and cuff links. Buy a leather strap or metallic strap and a watch with a big chronograph dial.
For girls, wear a leather strap watch with a chronograph dial and maybe a small silver formal bracelet. Keep it minimal. Say no to the dangling earrings and wear studs. Keep the nailpolish very subtle.

5. Smell
Body odour is such a big turnoff. Always keep a deo in your bag for emergencies. A good perfume on the wrist, behind the ears, neck and just a spray near the arms is enough. Do not overdo it, it’s equally repelling.

6. Make up
Girls, keep your make up subtle. That means no bright poppy shades. Apply liner and lipstick everyday. You can go for lipstick shades like bare, nude, these have a light tint of pint or coral and are perfect for that everyday look. Apply liner properly, one stroke of straight liner should do the trick.

7. Body Language and mental make up:

Along with these, always remember that no one likes a person with a bad posture. Sit and stand straight and do not be sloppy. Carry a few mints with you (mints not chewing gum). And relax, you will do better in the interview. Be confident and sure yourself. Sleep enough to avoid baggy eyes and for heaven’s sake eat proper foot, do NOT burp or worse, fart.

And wear the one thing that looks best on you- a smile. These will always let you through 🙂

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