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Appetising Alternatives

Tired of eating those oily and unhealthy snacks at your college canteen but don’t want to settle for the ill-tasting diet food available everywhere? Here are some…

JAM explored a local supermarket and found a few delicious yet healthy snacks for the weight conscious.

1. Saffola Zest is a tasty alternative to any fried snack since it is (as it claims) ‘baked and not fried’ and is said to have 50% less fat. It is also said to help in cholesterol management because of its high Soya content. The snack comes in three flavours – Chatpata Masala, Mast Masala and Saucy Tomato. The 100g, 50g and 20g packets are priced at Rs 45, Rs 25 and Rs 10 respectively.

2. All you Pringles lovers rejoice! The company has introduced a new healthier option called Pringles Light Aromas which are lightly refined with naturally flavoured cooking oils. They have 33% less fat than regular Pringles and come in five lip-smacking flavours – Spicy Thai, Red Pepper, Greek Style Cheese Flavour, Original, Sour Cream and Onion and are priced at Rs 85 each.

3. Nutri-Choice 5 grain biscuits are the latest addition to the Britannia Nutri-Choice range. The biscuits are made from five healthy cereals – oats,
corn, ragi, rice and wheat. These biscuits are delicately sweetened with natural honey, and come in a unique large oval shape. They are ideal hunger busters for times between meals.

4. Nature Valley granola bars are reportedly made of totally natural ingredients such as whole-grain oats, fruits and nuts and have no preservatives. The bars come in single and double bar packs in three flavours – Roasted Almond, Oats & Honey, and Banana Nut, and are affordably priced at Rs 12 for a single and Rs 20 for a double-sized bar. The bars are imported from the US and available in select retail stores in Mumbai, Delhi, and other metros.

5. If you are fond of the spicy cereal snack called chivda, you will definitely enjoy its healthier option – diet chivda, which is made in very little oil and is equally tasty. It is not overpriced like all the other health snacks in the market and is readily available at you local vendor. Prices vary from Rs 20-40 from shop to shop.
6. Subway has always proclaimed that you lose a lot of weight by eating their sandwiches since they are rich in protein and filled with fresh vegetables. While this is not true with all the options on the menu, you could try the Chicken Ham, Turkey and Chicken Ham, Roasted Chicken, Turkey or the Veggie Delight varieties as they contain fewer than 6gms of fat (excluding the dressings and mayo of course) than the other options on the menu. Depending on your choice you can get a healthy sandwich between Rs 70-100.

7. Next time you need not feel guilty when all your friends pig out at the local coffee shop. In fact you can join them as well. Instead of having the regular stuff on the menu, try healthier options like the Vegan shake (available at Café Coffee Day) which contains no animal fat and is made with soy milk or the Honey and Oatmeal Cookies (also available at Café Coffee Day) which are tasty as well as healthy.

8. Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke have long existed in the market as a lighter alternative to normal Pepsi or Coke. But instead of artificial sweetened cola we suggest that you drink sugar free juices from Real or Tropicana or ideally buy a glass of natural juice or coconut water from the juicewala outside your college.

9. For all those who need their daily glass of milk, why not switch to skimmed or low-fat options? You can try Nesvita Pro-Heart Milk or Nutramul Energy Milk. Both companies sell pure as well as flavoured fat-free milk.

10. If you have a sweet tooth and cannot stop gorging on mithai and sweets then sugar free mithai is the best option for you. They not only satisfy your sweet craving but also help you avoid putting on those extra calories. These are available in most sweet shops across the country.

– Aditi Kotwal

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