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An email to the students of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

St. Xavier’s Prinicipal, Father Frazer Mascarenhas , released an email to all his students from his official id. The email was not a reminder for an upcoming exam or the hectic course work. It was a choice which the educationist wanted his students to make — about choosing a leader for the better future of our country. However, in the middle of this and in the turn of events, this picture has been painted differently. The email sent out was timed precisely a few days before the much awaited elections in Mumbai, and hence has been the central point of discussions recently.

What is the real truth?

In his strongly worded email, Father Frazer has been vocal about the Gujarat model and said that it has been fruitful only for the businesses and has not really changed the lifestyle of people. This on the outside has appeared like a biased opinion cast by a principal of a prestigious institute whereas Father said, that as a development economist all he was trying to do was bring across points and lay down criteria, such as human development indices, which  is what development should be all about.

He wanted his students to make a critical decision between a media hyped growth of the Gujarat model and ‘real growth’ as he would like it to be.

This has definitely turned heads and pointed figures towards the Principal as an administrator. Should he involve students in a discussion that takes political sides?

What is your take on this matter?

Do you really think that he was making a biased call to tell his students to vote for a particular party or was he making them aware of the true facts which may have been missed in these advertising gimmicks?

Do the colleges have a freedom to discuss politics? After all if this was the JNU or Delhi University would any one even raise a finger against such politics that goes on every day in the name of  students unions?

The political parties concerned are so sensitive to the Principal’s mail but they didn’t hesitate before they launched an agitation to ban a contentious book, on the notice board of the same college.

On the other hand is the Principal’s Id sacrosanct that should he have discussed the matter from his personal ID? Election Commission has said that it cannot intervene, as it is the internal matter of the college.

Please comment. Tell us what you feel?

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