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American Choppers on Discovery Turbo

Ever wonder what happens when a family that builds custom motorcycles decides to become part of a reality series?
This reality series that will soon show on Discovery Turbo takes a close-up of Orange County Choppers (OCC), the baby of Paul Teutul Sr. He started it from scratch in his basement and was later joined by his two sons Paul and Mikey. Differences in opinion and aggression cause a rift between Sr. and his two sons.

Though it initially comes across as over-dramatised and scripted, what has generated TRPs in other countries is the air of competition and rivalry that takes over when Jr. ventures out on his own. Anyone who dreams of doing his own thing, has separated from a family business or intends to have a similar biking business might find it interesting.

With every awesome bike that Sr. comes out with and every new step that Jr. takes to further his business, the series shows promise of success. Sr. is a hands-on man who knows every aspect of production and business, whereas Jr. is the best at designing and pulls in specialists to take care of the technical aspects. Both have very different styles of entrepreneurship and every new episode makes you wonder who will out do the other? Some might also hope for some sort of patch up in the future.
So let’s wait and watch!!!

– Pooja Bhula

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