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Aloo Mash

In order to meet the rising demand of convenience foods as well as pro-health foods, Vegit-Merino has come out with one of the most revolutionary products of recent times. Aloo mash is the new avatar of potatoes today! This amazing product is dehydrated potato flakes, which are cooked, mashed potatoes sized to the required form and density. Vegit Potato flakes gets constituted into potato mash by just adding water. Isn’t that convenient?! Instead of having to go through the cumbersome process of finding good potatoes, cooking them, pealing them and then making a mash, you’ve got all of that ready in a packet, waiting for you to dig in!

Not only is it convenient, it is also very tasty. If you are a health freak, it answers your wishes as well. It is made under extremely hygienic conditions and contains much lesser sugar compared to raw potatoes and consumes far lesser oil while cooking. It’s healthy and it’s tasty! You can make a variety of dishes with aloo mash. You could have a simple and quick snack by adding milk, butter and seasoning, which is yummy or you could make hash brown potatoes as well. You can also make your life easier by using aloo mash for making paranthas, cutlets, rolls, anything to do with potatoes. The product also has a good shelf life of one year and gives you the same quality and taste till the end. It doesn’t even consume much storage space and is easy to cook.

What more, if you can’t figure out what to do with this exciting new product as yet, you can log on to www.vegit-merino.com and find dozens of recipes that you didn’t even think of. For all the convenience and good health it provides, you need to shell out Rs 85 for a kg. In today’s world, time is money and this amazing product saves you a lot of time! It’s a must have.

– Sukanya Acharya

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