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All time top 5 “romance in rain” songs

Bollywood’s ever endearing obsession with ‘romance-in-rains’ even after 100 years . Ashvita singh lists down top 5. Listen to them with pakodas and tea.
Or if you like a little warmth in your romance, she recommends a dance in the rain with that little something mixed in your innocent looking bottle of coke. But be careful – if the cameras are rolling!

You choose any one favourite:

5) AAJ RAPAT JAAYE: Playful and naughty, Not so sober Amitabh sober Smita patil,
4) SAWAN BHARSE TARSE: Oh the nervousness of two lovers (Akshay khanna and Sonali Bendre) meeting each other despite the odds. Bewitching music and soulful lyrics, this song is for music lovers!
3) KATE NAHI KAT TE: Unforgettable. Sridevi in a blue wet sari! Vocals are magic of Alisha Chinoy and Kishore Kumar.
2) EK LADKI BHEEGI BHAAGI SI: You’ll probably understand why Kishore Kumar is the eternal voice of Bollywood. You just won’t be able to stop humming the song.
1) PYAAR HUA, IKRAR HUA: Song by Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar, Starring Nargis and Raj Kapoor. DO I need to say more?

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