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All About TOEFL

All About TOEFL – Simplified !!!

The TOEFL is basically a test of your proficiency in the English language. It consists of three sections which are timed individually.

The first section is on Listening Comprehension where you are expected to listen to a recorded conversation and then answer a few questions based on what u’ve heard. What u’re being tested on here is your ability to understand conversations and talks in English.

The second section is on Structure and Written Expression and is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English. There are two types of questions; one requires u to complete a sentence with an appropriate word or phrase from the choices given and the other requires u to identify the error in a given statement.

The third section is on Reading Comprehension which is something u are all familiar with and requires u to answer the questions based on the given passage.

Most Indian students who have studied in English medium schools find TOEFL to be a breeze. Exposure to American accents thru Hollywood and Star TV are a big help in the listening comprehension section.

The TWE – (Test Of Written English):
If you take the TOEFL test in August, October, December, February or May, you will also take the Test of Written English (TWE). You will have 30 minutes to write an essay on the one topic printed in your TWE test book.You will not need special knowledge of the topic.

The TSE – (Test Of Spoken English):
The Test of Spoken English determines your proficiency in speaking the language. The test will last approximately 20 minutes wherein you are required to answer the questions asked by the interviewer on tape. While most of the questions on the test may not appear to be directly related to your academic or professional field, each question is designed to tell the raters about your oral language ability.

Your score for the test will be based on your speech sample.

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