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Alcohol cigarette and drugs? Is turning 18 so cool ?

Every kid has someone slightly older that they look up to and whom they find ‘cool’. When you turn 18 you get a chance to become that cool person.

18 brings for some of us a sense of freedom to life; ultimate and endless freedom. You were able to get a boy-friend/girl-friend (or the plural of the same), to move out of the house into a hostel or a PG, for those who didn’t it was time to do alcohol and to smoke (Hell yeah! That sounds cool) and even to do drugs. 18 is the age when we get experimental in every aspect- highlights, newer haircuts, tattoos and piercings. Late-night parties, alcohol, bigger friend-circles, cigarettes, drugs, spouses, intimacy (in some cases) become every day events.

Your parents trust you with the money now and they expect you to learn and handle your own finances. 18 is the age when you think of the word ‘career’ seriously for the first time.

18 is the age when you jump from a lake(junior college) to a sea(degree college). I am sure everyone out there has experienced that major shift in culture then. You are suddenly exposed to the outside world and the change is over-whelming. Life is flattery. Suddenly, some unknown people become the most important people in your life. ‘Relationships’ change every now and then while the ‘Relationship status’ changes more often. We all make a lot of mistakes but believe me you shall laugh about most of them later.

But as Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility”. 18 is the age when you can make or break your lives. It takes a great deal of determination to keep away from all the wrong things that you come across (you are no more a ‘juvenile’ for the court). It is up to you to live your life on your own terms and follow your own rules (or not follow any). You are not only given the freedom to take your own decisions but also be responsible for the consequences. If things go wrong you are the one to be blamed (going to ‘that’ party, having that extra peg of vodka, taking semesters lightly etc.). Your security is your responsibility (especially after you drink or do drugs). Everything in moderation is beautiful and everything in extreme is harmful. 18 brings a great deal a freedom but a greater deal of responsibility. The cool guys handle the responsibilities and duties, that younger kids can look up to and parents can feel proud of.

Turning 18 is exciting, Just remember, deciding which chocolate to eat is much better than deciding what career is better for you. I hope JAM will handle its newly found adulthood and freedom wisely. Happy 18th Birthday JAM.

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