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yugishtha, actor, TV serial,
yugishtha, actor, TV serial,

“Acting Shacting Hai Rabba” – 16 year old debuts on TV

16 years old, young enough to have fanciful dreams and old enough to be highly opinionated. An avid reader, budding writer, music, sports, books and bollywood freak, and an actor (well, almost). Here is how she got flung into the world of TV serials;


After doing a summer camp in acting, I had decided I hate it. May be because I made a perfect fool of myself while I was there and people around me, even my mom, had suggested that me and acting are not really made for each other.
One day, however, my acting teacher from the summer camp called up and asked me to come to the studio where he was shooting for some mythological serial. They required someone urgently and I was pretty unoccupied. And I posses a charming face, I’m not all bad. His call was more of a shock to my mom who thought he called by mistake. Honestly, is that how you encourage someone? Anyway, she insisted I go and check out.
The big well-known studio had a few serials were being shot at different places, all mythological. I met my teacher, Dhiren sir, wearing shabby beggar’s clothes, fresh out of the make- up room. After a ‘hi-hello’ and ‘how are you’, he told me that indeed he wanted ‘me’ to do the role of his sister in this serial because they do not have time and I fitted the job. He introduced me to the casting director- a fat, rich-looking guy. And quite easily, I got the role. Considering the type of serial
So, Day1- everything strange, everyone new. I felt like the odd one out. Everyone there knew their jobs, where to go, what to do and I stood there, clueless. Finally, the casting director, not really impressed by my ignorance, asked me to go to the make-up room with a certain Sanjay Bhai. I enjoyed the process. I mean, all I had to do was sit while Daddu, the make -up man, did what was required from him. Next, I had to dress up in a sari for which two lady helpers were there. They were rather rough. I could tell they were pure slum gujjus. I was hesitant to change clothes in the room in their presence , but they looked impatiently at me as if to say, ‘come on girl just let us get over with this’.



I became besharam after a few days. They wrapped me up in a sari and made up my hair so that I looked a pure gaonwali. While I adored their work, Dhiren sir appeared in the makeup room with a lady. He introduced me to Vaishali who was playing Dhiren sir’s wife. She gave me good company for the rest of the shoot. That day I was called at 9 am, while everyone else turned up late and the shoot actually did start at 1’o clock.
In front of the camera, I knew not what I was doing; I was told that I have to cry because my brother was crying before the protagonist. Funny, I thought. While my eyes couldn’t see quite clearly through the glycerin, I could notice that the ‘hero’ was handsome, black eyes, fair and yes, great physique. I was not the only one who found him hot. “He looks good, the lead.” said Vaishali to Dhiren sir as we ate lunch together. Rather irritated, he replied, “That’s why he’s been chosen.”
As days passed, I became more comfortable. I realized why this acting line is such an obsession among people. All you need to do there, on the set, is….ummm… act! Even your food arrives itself at the place you are, which was a welcome change because at home mom would keep shouting about how lazy I was if I asked her to bring me my food. All that, and I wasn’t even an actor. Of course, Dhiren sir and Vaishali had quite a reputation there so being with them was a plus point. Slowly I started bossing around, giving orders to people but with due respect – “spot dada, pani!” or “spot dada, chai!” Among the spot boys, there was one who was a dumb and deaf and man, he talked a lot! (Using his sign language. ) He was so lively and zealous that sometimes I wondered if the rest of us were too normal to be as happy as him. He had an enviable FB account and kept talking to girls on it. Salute! 
In one scene, I had a long dialogue and had to work with my hands smeared in wet mud. The scene was like this: My character was painting the walls of her hut with cow dung (gobar se lipai karna) and she falls off the platform on which she was standing and her bhabhi (Vaishali) catches her and saves her from falling and asks, “Behen, dhyan kahan hai?”………… I took 20 takes for that one! That meant the pot of mud in my hand fell 20 times. Whenever it fell, the mud would splash upon the crew members who were standing close by. I confess I smeared mud on every one including the director who was in whites!. Everyone was laughing their asses out. Though, I was the one being laughed upon, I couldn’t suppress a smile myself.
Aditya (the lead) winked at me as I came and sat beside him after the scene and I felt myself going pink. Had it been a movie, this would have made a great behind-the-scenes, but our super boring serial’s target audiences were loners and oldies …sigh
Well, that was quite an experience, that serial. Watching me on T.V. was an out-of-the world feeling. But my delight was nothing compared to mom and dad’s who were too excited and kept laughing and jumping. My whole clan knew that I was to come on national television and they would keep calling in the breaks. I could not watch more than 3 episodes of that serial anyway, purely because I was bored to hell and had I watched it more, I would have died of boredom which, by the way, would be first death of its kind. And that was the end to a superstar’s career! Haath jode bhai!

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