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Abasaheb Garware College, Pune

Also Known As: Garware college or if you wanna sound hep, say AGC.

The location: Karve Road near Tapadiya eatery.

The campus: The “Peshwa Era” buildings were recently painted when NAAC the guys – probably for the first time since they were constructed!

The crowd: Mostly ‘shudh’ Brahmins with ‘kar’ as the perfect suffix in their surname. Punekari Marathi is the official language and anybody speaking any other language – even Hindi – is treated as a foreigner. Even when Hindi is spoken, it’s with a heavy Marathi accent to say stuff like “Mere se koi waakda rahega to mein usse se waakda hoon.” (If someone misbehaves with me I won’t let him go). The dress code for both guys and girls is strictly Indian – even a girl wearing capris gets comments. Most of the people look like beneficiaries of the Slum Rehabilitation Programme. You are considered hep if you are able to discuss Terminator-2 or Titanic – because they are two of the English flicks shown in Hindi on TV.

The canteen: We didn’t have one until recently when the NAAC guys came. Tapadiya has always been there to serve samosas for Rs .2.50 – there are some guys who aren’t even willing to shell out this amount and try duping the guy.

The faculty: All of them are Punekari Brahmins who teach in Marathi even though there are some foreigners (especially in the Microbiology section). Incidentally, the Microbiology section ranks third in Asia even though they have only one microscope for every 20 students.

The hangouts: Those willing to shell out more than Rs.2.50 for food go to Vaishali or Roopali on F.C. Road.

The lingo: “He apratim vastu aahe” or “Aaho” or “Bashnar aahat ka” is what you hear on a regular basis.

– Garwareite

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