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Aarushi…A Rockstar

She held a ‘blue blazer’ at school. She was the prettiest and the brightest amongst all. She was passionate about dance and led a dance troupe, ‘Awesome Foursome’, with her friends. She was ambitious and wanted to be ‘famous’. She wished to follow her parents’ footsteps and become a doctor one day. Like any other teen her life revolved around her friends and the internet. She loved her life and her last orkut status said the same. She was like every teenager around – active and playful. Her teachers said she had a very bright future. Her friends loved her. She was an ardent reader and was halfway through the ‘3 mistakes of my life’. But little did she know that she would not be able to learn about all the 3 mistakes that the author made.

‘She’ was ‘Aarushi’ and she was found dead the next morning by her dentist parents. Her wish to be famous should not have been fulfilled this way. The Talwars’ domestic live-in cook was held responsible for the murder. But a day later, his body was found on the terrace of the Talwar residence and the story received its first twist. The evidences, circumstantial evidences, assumptions, reports, verdicts kept on changing and it took four and a half years for the final verdict to be out.

The story had endless twists and turns.
The entire country was divided – Those for Talwar parents, and those against them. The numerous candle light vigils, prayers, faith in judiciary all bore fruit on November 25 when the verdict was out. The Talwars were sentenced life imprisonment for killing their only daughter.

‘Honor Killing’ they said. And yet there are those who believe truth has not been told.

For the entire four and half years the media made a point to publish every piece of literature that they ever found on the case. The investigators were pressurized. The reports were changed. The case was closed and re-opened. A few suspects were put behind bars and then released again for lack of evidence. A lot of things were covered up at first and then brought to light later. The media covered it all. Going by the circumstantial evidence, testimony of witnesses and forensic reports.
Aarushi’s parents were held guilty of her murder. The justice after five years only to be accompanied by an air of terrifying uncertainty. Could the parents, the victim’s family, be the culprits?

We wanted justice for Aarushi like everyone else but not based on circumstantial evidence. Even the CBI has agreed that there was little ‘direct evidence’. It looks like a case of ‘high profile honour killing’ on the outside but when you probe a little deeper you shall understand that there is more to it. Finally, the blame game has come to an end and now Aarushi can finally rest in peace.

Can she?

Aarushi was an adorable child and she would have grown up to become a very beautiful lady. At 14 she was ambitious, loved her life and knew how to live her life fully. Nupur Talwar had once said that she would have loved to live her school life like Aarushi did. Aarushi was adorable but what happened to her was very unfortunate. Going by the confident ‘rockstar’ that she was in school she would definitely not be pleased to be remembered as a ‘victim’. Let us remember Aarushi as the way she was… A Rockstar.


Remembering Aarushi

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