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A woman can never have enough bags!



A bag can complement your look or destroy it completely. We know you have a closet full of bags, but are you confused which one to pick for which occasion?

Here is your guide to understanding the purpose these different bags serve:



Hobo bags – Hobo bags are characterized by their crescent shape and small handles that are large enough to go over the shoulders.  They have a zippered top, and go best with casual wear.


Totes – A tote bag has two long handles which gives easy access and can be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand. Tote bags are medium to large-sized bags, popular as everyday bags.  Some tote bags even have an open top to fit bigger things. They are great for shopping and going to beaches. With large space, tote bags are capable of carrying a number of items.


Satchels – A satchel is spacious and gives more of a formal look. It is a structured bag with lock and double handles. Satchels are best for women who need to carry documents to their workplace. A satchel bag can be either small or large in size.



Sling bags – Sling bags or Messenger bags can be worn across the body leaving your hands free.



 Wristlets – These are clutches with a short strap you can put on your wrist. A wristlet can serve two purposes – 1) It can be used as a purse 2) It can be attached to a handbag by using its strap.


Clutch – A clutch is a small bag that has to be carried in hand as it does not have a handle. Clutches allow you to store your essentials, such as lipstick and other cosmetics to add touch-ups when needed. They are best used for evening events and other formal occasions.



Duffel Bag – The name is derived from the town Duffel in Belgium where the cloth used for making Duffel bags originated. Duffels are large bags used for traveling and sports purposes as they have large storage space.


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