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A Guide to Guides

When it comes to engineering, there are hundreds of professors to choose from. Here we list out a few recommendations…

That’s what some students have titled him as. ‘Sexy padhata hai‘ is what they say about him.

Prof. Bade:
Another popular professor, for Mechanical, he conducts private classes at Borivali. His crash course and notes are highly recommended as well.

Prof. Dayal is also talked about for Mech.

Prof. Israni is a clear favourite here, with his jolly nature and practical approach to what is otherwise a dry subject.

Applied Mathematics:
Pai (Sadgurus) still remains the most known face when it comes to cracking maths.

Apart from Vakil, there’s Jejurkar who is a bit boring but offers excellent notes.

Prof. K at Sadgurus rules the roost here, with excellent notes and practical problems.
Prof. Amar (Chopra Academy, Vashi) is a good bet for PRP, a painful subject for EXTC (Sem 6).

Irfan is very popular here, both for his notes and crash courses. S.A Magar at Vidyalankar is good too.

Prof. Phule at Vidyalankar is an excellent choice for these subjects, with EWT being referred to being ‘as dangerous as Mechanics’.

The crash courses at Vidyalankar are pretty helpful in desperate situations.

However you might have to deal with crammed classes, a seemingly non-existent AC and small benches which force you to sit in a manhood-crushing cramped posture.

The infrastructure though, is hardly better at the other classes.

– Nimish Varadkar and Ashish Shakya

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