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A breath of fresh air

In this age of fast consumption and wasteful usage of fuel, someone who starts out on his own to help people use renewable sources of energy and become environment friendly is a breath of fresh air (pun unintended). Meet IIT Roorkee alumni Mayank Agarwal and Sudhir Manchanda, who gave up cushy jobs to fight climate change.

Tell us about yourselves.

I’m a biotechnology graduate and Sudhir is a production and industrial engineering graduate. He was placed in Sterlite and I was in an IPO-based company in Bangalore.

What is your company Ambicales about?
Ambicales provides professional marketing and consultancy services in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We feel that climate change is a major problem that is too big for an individual to handle. Our mantra ‘Empowering clean & green power’ keeps us motivated day and night to fight climate change with all our knowledge and might. We are currently focussing on biomass and solar thermal products.

We also undertake company projects. Currently, we partner with high-end technology providers and take it to the market.

We eventually want to develop our own technology also. But the market in this segment has a problem of business development and market fluctuation.

How do you go about it?
We make visits to a client’s factory and study the techniques used. Then we suggest changes, which can be incorporated to make their production more environment-friendly and economically viable.

How do you decide on the pricing of your services?
When it comes to company projects, we haven’t got much of a say in it. The companies pay according to what they think is suitable. For the consultancy, we look into how much it costs us for undertaking the visits, the amount of man-hour inputs and we quote a price based on that.

How has the journey been so far?
It’s been only 3 months. Initially, we just sat and planned out our strategy and figured out how to implement them. We have been in the loop with a few companies who have shown interest. So, there is a lot of work in the near future. It is difficult sometimes to convince the management to change their manufacturing process, especially when they are already making profits with it. So, it’s been a great learning curve.

Currently, we are concentrating on areas around Uttarakhand, western UP and Haryana. We hope to grow soon.

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