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7 things that would happen if NaMo came to power?

Jai Namo! Jai Namo!

Namo seems to be the trending topic on all platforms; digital and non-digital. There’s still time left for Mr. Narendra Modi to achieve the crowning glory. If Modi comes to power, what’s in store for us? Here’s a peek-a-boo into the future;

7 things that would happen if NaMo came to power:
1) How are you will be replaced with ‘Kem Chey’.2) All the pubs would play replace Yo Yo Honey Singh with Falguni and Preeti Pinky’s garba music and instead of wearing, carrying a Dandiya would be mandatory.

3) The Domino’s, KFC’s, CCD’s in India would start serving Dhoklaaa, Theplaaa, Fafdaaa, Handvaaa. 30 minutes or Dhokla free, would you like a coke to along with your Fafda? Would you like to try out our all new cheeseburst Theplaa?

4) Modi’s birthday would be declared a national holiday which is great, since we dont have enough holidays anyway, but it what good would it be if it is dry day?
5) A new brand of tea would be launched known as the NAMO-TEA. It would be packaged and advertised brilliantly; the ad would disclose – NAMO-TEA (Gujrat’s Thunder)6) A new brand of smart phone would be launched known as the I-NAMO. Inside the I-NAMO would be Jashodaben, who would assist us, and unlike Siri, she would give us some mamta bhara advice.

7) Foster’s, Kingfisher’s and all other leading beer brands would serve chaas (buttermilk) in their bottles as beer would be completely banned. Ek pint chaas chahiye ya bottle? No No, pitcher de do bhai..

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