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6 Things To Remember When Buying Indian Formal Wear

Does your job require you to wear sarees to office every day? How do you know which are the ones hanging in your closet, perfect for formal occasions?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing the right one:

  1. Plain yet Elegant. If you were to define formal, would it be more plain and neat yet stylish? It is always a good idea to pick sarees that do not have any designs on them. Let them be plain with just defined borders.
  2. But who says you have to wear a saree with just one colour? Go ahead and pick ones that have colour blocking on them. It is a trend sported by most of the B-Town celebs. You can also opt for colour blocked handbags, jewellery to complete your look!
  3. Don’t want the Indian traditional look? Then get your blouses stitched in different styles and rock your day with more confidence!
  4. Drape it sexy! How do B-town celebs manage to drape a saree perfectly for various occasions? Well, there is a woman who makes it so easy for them – Kalpana Shah. She has released her own Coffee Table Book ‘The Whole 9 Yards’. Why don’t you go grab one?
  5. Remember to choose the right fabric. If you wish to look slimmer and taller, go for lightweight fabrics that drape easily and help you sketch an impressive silhouette.
  6. Don’t over accessorize. Just a watch on your wrist and a pair of earrings will help you complete the look. Neckpieces are always optional.

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