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5 ways to make the summer more pleasant

The monsoon clouds are playing peek a boo in Mumbai and Goa. But for the rest of the country there’s an agonizing summer heat from which there will be no respite till July. So here are 5 ways of making it more pleasant. If you focus on why it’s still not raining, it might sap the joy out of small things that are fun to do only in summer.

Go for a swim with your friends. Relive your childhood. Do the cannonball or do the deliberate ungraceful dives that splash a lot of water. Play shark attack or race with your friends in the pool.

Eat ice candy in synthetic colors while wearing bright rimmed sunglasses and floppy hats. Don’t forget to slap on a sanguine and satiated smile while devouring the ice candy. If someone asks you what the matter is, offer them an orange icicle…and then ask them to pay for it.

Go to a hill station close to your city. Eat strawberries and cream in Panchgani or enjoy a boat ride in Mahabaleshwar. Ride the toy train in Matheran and buy miniature furniture in the market. Eat apples in Manali or ride a bicycle on Shimla’s famous mall road.

Find a water theme park and make a day of it. Invite family and friends and force everyone to go through all the scary rides.

I guess you’ve been there, done that…and more.

So what do you do after you get back home???

Here’s 5 more tips to keep cool after you’ve done all of the above and your once again baking in the heat.

1. Wear cool cotton clothes that you can breathe in. Wear lighter colours as dark colours absorb more heat. Tees and singlets, happy summer dresses and hats, shorts and singlets, flip flops and summer sandals will help you get through the harsh sunny days.

2. Drink plenty of water. If you are the kind who doesn’t remember to drink water often, assign a bottle to yourself and aim to finish a certain amount everyday. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important as your body loses a lot of fluid in the summer. Drinking buttermilk, lime juice and mint flavoured water are great ways of cooling down. Milkshakes and cold coffee are great alternatives to warm beverages in summer.

3. Eat fruits to keep your insides happy. Frozen food such as pineapples and watermelon make a great summer treat. Try frozen yoghurt with seasonal fruits. Lack of appetite during summers is a common complaint. Replace your regular elaborate meals with salads and sprouts. They are light on the digestive system and you can eat smaller portions more often.

4. Desperate times call for desperate measures; some crazy ways to cool yourself won’t hurt as long as no one’s watching. Keep your wrists (pulse point) under cold water for about 10 seconds. This will cool down your body temperature for a while. Take your favorite pillow and wrap it inside a plastic bag. Place it in the freezer for about half an hour. Remove, snuggle and have the best nap of your summer. Soak your feet in water while sipping on lemonade. Buy a spray bottle from your neighborhood grocery store. Fill it with water and add a few drops of an essential oil. Turn it to fine mist and spray whenever you feel the need to cool down. Some people also carry portable battery operated fans around; but try this one only if you are ok with people pointing and staring.

5. Remember that all suffering, mild and severe, starts with your mind. Practice mind over matter and distract yourself whenever you feel like you are melting in the harsh sun. Don’t repeatedly complain about the heat. Cribbing has a way of taking over our life and also seems to bring everyone down. Summer heat is an inevitability; power through it by anticipating the joyous time the monsoons are about to bring.

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