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5 Unconventional Ideas for a Date

Flowers, candles, chocolates: that’s the usual drill for dates, right? But all these typical things at times become too clichéd.  Want to do something special instead? Read on these 5 unconventional date ideas:


  1. Starbucks, Barista and CCD are probably earning most of their business from the people in love. You can spot a couple on every other table chatting over a cup of over-expensive coffee. Let’s change that for a bit, shall we? Take your girl to your building’s terrace and bring along a flask of warm tea. Chat the night away, sipping tea and looking at the stars.
  2. If the person you love is a bookworm, then they probably spend hours gazing at the books in a bookstore. So, why not take them to the place they love? Yes. Go to a bookstore where you can walk around for as long as you want, with your better half surfing through books while you learn all about their nerdy side. They’ll forever remember this sweet gesture, because bibliophiles never forget.
  3. Movies are a very common topic of conversation, and if you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time now, you must have come to know about the movies you both love. You may have seen those projectors. So, download a movie you both loved as kids. Even animated ones, if that’s your choice, and spend an evening revisiting those memories. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about the other person while talking about their childhood.
  4. Spending money on over-priced restaurants is something almost all of us do, especially on dates. So why not stay at home for a change and spend time by cooking together? It’s fun, cozy and downright awesome. Also, the food will somehow taste much better.
  5. This last one is kind of crazy. If the person you love is a Disney fan (because come on, who isn’t?), then you have to think slightly out of the box, away from the conventional concepts, to make them feel extra special. Book a carriage (yes, they are still available) and arrange a ball dance just for the two of you. Your girl will feel nothing less than Cinderella and your Prince Charming will fall in love with you all over again. Sounds insane, but the magical night will be worth it.



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