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5 Ways to Find Relationships on Facebook

Facebook is a place where people can connect with their long-lost friends and family. Heck who says that? Facebook is a place where you can flirt, date, scold, make fun of anyone and if possible then you can also fall in love with anyone and get in a ‘virtual’ love relationship even. Very soon it will become a matrimonial website if Mark Zuckerberg wants. Beside all that, Facebook became a place where every non-celebrity is a celebrity and every celebrity…. is already one.
Nowadays, people have started living their lives less in reality and more on Facebook and it’s a fact that people are getting popularity through this which is also affecting their non-virtual life i.e Real life(if you are not working with a fake FB account). But, this also has a negative impact on their FB system due to irresponsibility and immature harkatey. Here is the wisdom to be popular and find love on FB, summarised in 5 easy tips.

Love account

Love account

1. Have real and fake accounts:
In the very beginning, you should start up with a real FB account and a fake one too (because you never know kab kya kaam aa jae!). Make sure that your real one contains all about yourself but don’t reveal up your relationship status as you never know that when you’ll get dumped by your gf/bf or get bored by them and also if you’ll show up your relationship status then mark my words, others will try to ignore you (specially the opposite sexes).

2. Your profile picture, education and work status
Profile picture: What I would suggest that better install image editor software on your PC like my favorite ‘Picasso’. (I believe, I don’t need to explain why).
One should never show up the education or work status on it. If you do that, make sure that it’s true not some fake high profile thing or something. As you are sharing your profile with your school mates, colleagues, college mate and especially family members and some of them can do pol-Khol (And this is only applicable for those who don’t have a high profile, not the ones who already have it lucky).

3. Friends list:
Hmm… now this is something which is very important. I would prefer only to add those who are your friends and the ones whom who you find attractive.
Never add your family members on it and if you did that then better just be a sati-sawatri or shushil shrawan putra on FB.

4. Likes and comments, Status updates :
Likes and Comments: Believe me, if you want to increase likes and comments on your updates then you definitely need to do one thing which is; like and comment on other’s updates. It’s just a theory of give and take. Or you can do one thing to message your buddies to like and comment on your updates which is quite cheap. And always count how many girls/boys are doing the same on your updates because it shows that how popular you are getting with the opposite sex. Well, the best way to increase the comments is by making the ‘comment box as chatting box’.
Status updates : well, generally people don’t really have any status to update. So, the best way to keep it on is to just post some nice and attitude type quotations. You can take the help from Google or any quotation website. If you aren’t getting any perfect quotations then you can also update any song and better catch any top chart track which will surely increase your likes without any doubt.

5. Chatting: to build relationships and save time and energy
Beside all the ‘important things’ on FB, chatting is something which should be done only between opposite sexes because I believe that FB provides a perfect place for virtual dates. This can present you in a different manner. And you never know that when these virtual dates become a virtual relationship. I mean… it’s the bloody best thing! It saves your money and energy and somehow time. You just need to sit in front on your PC, it doesn’t matter what situation you are in, what you are wearing, how bad you are looking. Just do the best online.

Lastly, the one thing is that never give up :
If you do not get any replies. Keep on messaging and poking, one day you’ll definitely get the reply. And remember, in the beginning you have to poke and mark my words after a few days of chatting, they will poke you. And once you become bored of them then just don’t ignore them as you never know when you need them again. So, the best way to ignore chatting is: ‘I am sorry. I am very must disturbed today. Talk to you later’. This will create a sympathy situation, and also will not give a sign that you’re ignoring them.

These are things which if you have not done yet then it’s really impossible for you to become popular on FACEBOOK. Well, it doesn’t matter how popular you are in reality, it’s really important today to become popular on FB. So, bunking in college and school is good but not on FB. Give full attendance here and rock your ‘virtual reality’. So I believe I’ve given you more than 5 tips.


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