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5 Things to follow on Public Transport Buses!

What are the things which move in your mind when you hear about public transport buses? Deluxe! Cheap! Comfortable!

Naah! Actually the things which seem to be running in our mind after hearing about buses are : compact, crowd, sweet ladies, slaps and undoubtedly swindler or pickpockets.

Travelling in a public transport bus is becoming almost a part of our daily life like going to work or college. You can’t always just prefer a taxi or auto rickshaw when all that is rattling in your pocket is “chillar” – coins! . For those of you who haven’t experienced travel in the local khataras also called public transport even once, I  suggest you should try. There is no shortage of ‘adventure’. But before you get inside a bus, there are few things which you should remember always…

Once you get inside the bus, just feel like you are no more a human being. Just feel like you’re a cheese slice between bread slices and you will surely cope up with the compact crowd inside. A cheese slice which can slip out easily. After getting this yummy feeling, grab the best place where you can easily stand (no not the seat for sure) or ‘slip out’ but not outside the bread slice. So, feel like you are ekchadharicheese slice and that’s the best mantra. And actually stand behind that person who is going to get down at the same destination as yours so that when the time comes, he/she can easily help you towards the door.

Now, this is something which is important especially for boys. Don’t dare to stand behind any girl or even a sweet 60s warna get ready for the CHATTTTTTTTTTTTAAKKKKKKKKK!!!. Well, it doesn’t matter if you push a girl/ sweet 60s deliberately or not, but, if they had had some hard time with their husband/boyfriend, then aap uskey shikaar banogey. Then after that … na bus rahegi aur na Izzat.

What happens when you are travelling in a bus which is tightly crowded. Now this is actually your compulsion because of a tight pocket, especially at the end of the month and someone picked you purse jismay gin k kuch ropay hai. Yes! You’ll feel like someone has ripped off your one and only trouser. So, either just travel with an empty wallet having a note of ‘hard luck!’ or either just keep checking it.

Before travelling in the public transportation bus, practice Ramdev Baba’s famous Pranayamwhich can help you to hold your breath as long as you can. Hold it inside, instead of smelling the stench which is really not tolerable and which can even burn out your nose hairs.

Once you get a seat never try to show decency to gift that to anyone else It is actually bewakuffi nothing else. That goes for boys who leave their seats for any beautiful girl or any oldies to impress them which is not their decency but bewakuffi. My experience says that if you think it’s good then you can leave seat for any beautiful girl, but the aunty ji who did not get it, will eat you up like : Zada tez na Bann.., abla samjha hai kya!?! / mehrbani apne paas rakh / sharam nahi aati apni ‘behn’ ke umar ki ladki pe line martey hue!?!.

These are my five tips – no pickpocketing of your purse, no hard feelings anywhere, and pranayama will definitely help you stay healthy.


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