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5 things not to do if you have the hots for her

I know, I know. You have the hots for the girl. And it’s the ever mushy Valentine’s around and you don’t really appreciate Cupid ignoring you this time too. JAM to your rescue! And it’s okay, don’t thank us. We believe in social service. 😛

Well there are way too many “To do” lists doing the rounds already on how to win the girl, so here is presenting what not to do to win the girl.

1. First things first. There is no right time. So don’t wait. Gone are the days when “aankho ke ishaare” were enough, everyone is too busy looking into their phones today. So, get up, make sure no one is looking ( just in case there are random throw of sandals or slaps) go to her and tell her. Simple as that.

2. Don’t stick to the usual flowers and chocolates. Please. Not every girl goes “awwwwww” on chocolates, and dude, flowers? They fade. Write her a letter instead, no not on Facebook, or Whatsapp, a hand written letter focussing on the little details about her, the reasons why you know it’s her. Or gift her a book. Diamonds would do too.

3. Don’t talk away into oblivion. FYI- Not all girls keep yapping away. And not all guys patiently listen. So yeah, she might not exactly be making perfect sense, but if she is talking to you about that mountain trek she has not talked about to anyone, or those baking experiments gone bad, let her know she is being paid heed to.avalentines3_opt

4. Okay. So this is if you are hitting it well with the girl on the date. Don’t let go of her hand. Ofcourse, loo breaks and the like don’t count. Your lingering, soft touch on her hand, will stay with her, long after the date ends.avalentines_opt

5. Don’t try too hard. Just let go, be the smart-ass you have always been. You don’t have to get too worked up or nervous, only charm her with your natural wit, humour and chivalry.

And if the girl is still not impressed, just as yet, walk away. We now know how bad her taste in men are!

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