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5 Must Watch Netflix Originals

If you have a netflix subscription and want some series to spend time during a long travel or just lazing around at home, these 5 shows might help you while away your hours with some exciting  and promising content to watch.

  1. The OA:

This show is a mystery drama with supernatural and science fiction elements. It revolves around the homecoming of a blind, adopted woman after 7 years of her disappearance. Along with her mysterious return, she is also no longer blind which makes the FBI more curious about where she has been all those years. She calls herself the “Original Angel”, which intrigues the FBI even more as she is very secretive about the happenings during her disappearance.

The show is an absolute delight for sci-fi fans but might not be everyone’s cup of tea. On the side, it is also an imaginative take on the genre with 2 binge-able seasons of 8 episodes each. They are binge-able because the audience needs to know all the weird shockers the show has planned for them and that they cannot resist themselves from wanting to know what happens next in the show as well. The show explores concepts like the multi verse, psychic abilities, angels, demons, life and death. The cliffhanger of the last season will make you want to eagerly wait for the upcoming 3 seasons.


  1. Russian Doll:

A one season comedy drama that starts off as a solo journey of a woman, who is stuck in a strange time loop wherein she dies, on the night of her 36th birthday and then relives the whole event again and again. She later on finds a companion who also goes through the same loop as hers. The series is filled with humor as well as despair as both are stunned and try ways to overcome the loop.

This is a brilliantly made series that doesn’t kicks off slow in the first episode and hits back harder with every episode. A bizarre 8-episode show set in the heart of New York, the audience relives the most horrific and life changing night of the protagonist, along with her, over and over again. The lead actor’s hopelessness gets to the audience but in a fun way and acts as a proof of the fact that “life after death” has its consequences, which piques the audience’s interests even more.

  1. The Crown:

This Netflix original historical drama is about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, starting from her early reign, her marriage and the politics involved at the time. Also, this is reportedly one of the most expensive series to be shot by Netflix and is like a detailed memoir which is based on an award winning play.

People who love history and a good old British accent should definitely check out the show. The narration and the exquisite set up of this 2 season show will surely take you back to the 40’s and 50’s. The show does justice to all the expenses borne and takes the viewers back to those extravagant times by depicting the weddings, galas, funerals, etc. in a way as close to those times. With season 3 coming up, a new timeline i.e. the 60’s and the 70’s along with a new cast, the audience’s yearnings hope to be maintained with a captivating story line as well.


  1. Black Mirror:

A science fiction and anthology series, this show goes in depth as to how technology manipulates a group of people’s behavior. The episodes are usually set in an alternative present or near future and is a well written satire about modern media and its effects on our lives. A new set of characters and a new storyline is introduced in almost every episode which makes it all the more riveting. There is also a film titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which is based on this series and was released in 2018, where the audience chooses how the film ends through choices.

This tv series will definitely fascinate you if you’re someone who loves psychological thrillers. It is a realistic show that utilizes dark humor to support its views. The fantastic story lines also lend in to the gravity of the issues being spoken about. The matters are related to real life as this 4-season show debates on the overtaking of our lives by media and does the job of educating us with persuasive examples from daily life.

  1. Peaky Blinders:

This show, set in the UK in the aftermath of the First World War, tells the story of a criminal gangster family named Peaky Blinders, and how a Chief Inspector Major tries to end their reign and “clean up” the place. It is a historical drama with the action of a crime thriller that will keep the suspense intact with every passing episode.

An underrated 4 season show supplemented with great acting makes the whole series even more convincible. This crime drama is not very binge-able as the intensity of the action increases and it becomes very difficult to watch it continuously after a point. But the impeccable story line with all the twists makes up for this fact.


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