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4 Better or Worse

Anuj Agrawal categorises an engineering student’s life into four stages as per the four years engineering course. Added is a touch of humour.

Fresher’s Time (1st year): I am a bit confused whether I should call it fresher’s time or ragging time or senior’s time. Because main apne time ki baat karun toh it used to be totally seniors time, jo wo kahein wo kar lo chup chaap..

An engineering fresher has mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety (about how badly or nicely he is going to be ragged). Gelling with people from all around the country, making new friends, exploring the world within college, takes one to a different world. But what makes the 1st year so special is it being the only year (or probably the one out of two) when a student concentrates on academics (most would agree). Studying in the wee hours with innumerable cups of tea/coffee, assignments, fear of seniors, respect for staff, exams, seminars and the list goes on…

I-am-in-College-Dude realisation time (2nd year): By the second year we develop our gang of buddies, hanging around with them, bunking classes, partying for almost everything and the frolic becomes endless…

The hottest topic in the second year is “Yaar juniors kaise aaye hain?” Now this question can have two different meanings, and I know my smart readers have already got it…

In the 2nd year your college fest becomes apna fest, and career orientation bhi ban jaata hai, ki hum aage life mein karna kyaa chaahte hain- whether it will be dance, robotics, programming, games or something else and we start living for the moment. But the worst part is that these two years fly off too fast and become the past!

Time to get serious towards life (3rd year): As we become ‘third yearites’ we start feeling that the college is ours… we are the kings… And then the era of projects creeps in, loads of seminars, workshops, events and so on, though bunking classes becomes our priority.

But ye 3rd year bohot hi productive hota hai kyunki seniors se PR ban chuki hoti hai and Juniors se bhi yaari ho chuki hoti hai, so all the resources become reachable and project completion requires just seniors’ expertise and juniors hard work…and tabhi achaanak 3rd year mixed feelings ke saath alvida keh jaata hai… ?

The Climax (The Final Year): Believe me, the 4th year is the longest period in the engineering world, jo bas intezaar mein katta hai khatam hone ke, and also gives all an understanding of ‘why is one here’ and ‘what should be next’. This is when the real pressure from peers, parents and teachers is created and felt. Pressure to achieve a good percentile, to get placed in a reputed company and to realise our dreams.

And then comes the most emotional day of our lives- The Convocation, when all’s done and over, and we achieve the target of being called as ‘Er XYZ’. Is din sab achcha lagta hai, sabse uncomfortable classroom heaven dikhta hai, sannnate waali library peaceful dikhti hai, khadoos faculty guide lagne lagte hain, and nikkhattu yaar dildaar lagne lagte hai.

Kuchch logon ko ye tension bhi hoti hai ki yaar juniors ke saath baith ke back ke exams kaise denge…:(

For smokers and drinkers there is a new tension ki yaar ab ghar pe ye sab kaise karenge…:(

On the last night of college you sit with your best buddy and say “Yaar time kitni jaldi nikal gaya and we didn’t make use of it… kuch bhi achcha nahi kiya apne logo ne…”

All said and done, what matters in the end is not your 80% or 90%, but what the 4 years made you. And to sign off with some ‘vishesh tippani’-

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