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Main Tera Hero

I have been a huge David Dhawan and Govinda fan for as long as I can remember. I have grown up watching the same old cliched and predictable stories that included love triangles, winning the dad over, rich girl poor boy love stories and even the No. 1’s he made with the comedy king of 90’s. I never complained, even though these films were quite low on IQ, David Dhawan somehow manged to make them hilarious or at-least mildly entertaining.
Main Tera Hero has every aspect of a typical David Dhawan movie. The only thing missing is the humour, not only is it bland it is null in quantity.
Sourabh Sukhla playing a dumb role in the movie exclaims at the end of the film: “Jaise ghar ki chhatt ko roof kehte hain, jaise saboot ko English mein proof kehte hain, vaise har language main aap jaison ko bewaqoof kehte hain.”
The film bluntly treats the viewers as mere fools and presents us with stupid characters who do not miss the opportunity of saying dialogues and one-liners that are not even mildly funny. I remember I didn’t even chuckle once throughout the film, nor did the film mange to make me smile which is very strange as am one of those who is very easily pleased.
I wouldn’t even dare to talk about the story which has characters who would kill themselves if they were actually real. A beefy cop who cracks ‘knock knock’ jokes and a father whose voice echoes three times whenever he has anything to say. To top it all the protagonist Sheenu (Varun Dhawan) does a man-boob-mobile-nipple moment when the mindless and dull dialogues go missing from the scene.
There was a time when Senior Dhawan was at the top of his game. Even though his films were low on IQ his unfathomable talent of igniting the screen with laugh out loud scenes and situations worked in the favor of his films. It’s been long since he has been his typical self and this movie here is a prime example of him losing all his charm and wit. He believes in objectification people  and eye-candy is an essential part of his films, the people in the film are good to look at, but alas! Only if they were interesting enough too.
The film is filled with running gags and English puns which are so bad that you want to slumber in pain, for example Nargis Fakhri at a point says, “Jabse main pampers mein thi, mere dad mujhe pamper karte aaye hain,” 
There are numerous references to films ranging from the Barfi! smile to the bhajan version of ‘Badtameez Dil’. But again, instead of being funny these are so bad and loud that they take you to an excruciatingly high level of self-control where you just see the exit door and walking out seems like the most viable option.
Varun Dhawan has tried real hard to act like Govinda but am sorry to say that he fails miserably. I wouldn’t dismiss him for the lack of talent because I know he is a talented actor when I saw a glimpse of what he is capable of in the candy-floss saga ‘Student of the year’. Nargis Fakhri and Ileana D’Cruz are flimsy dolls who are mere eye candy and nothing else. The other people including the big names like Anupam Kher, Sourabh Sukhla also disappoint. The only saving grace for the movie is a couple of foot tapping numbers but that does not make the film worth the agonizing pain of sitting through it.
Final Verdict: Main Tera Hero is not only mindless, it’s tasteless, odorless and humorless. Not Recommended.
Rating: 1/5

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