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I will praise Syed Ahmad Afzal for presenting this film when Lok Sabha elections are around the corner. There are many familiar events and political figures which pop up throughout the film, lightly fictionalised, yet recognizable. Real smart of him right? Only, his film isn’t.

The premise sounds interesting. We all have seen and loved S. Shankar’s ‘Nayak’. Running very closely to Nayak, Youngistaan does pay attention to it’s main fact, i.e electing a 28 year old as the Prime Minister of India but other then that the film fails to say anything at all. Nor the film is a mildly entertaining political drama nor is it a romantic movie.

To top everything bad about the film, writer-director Syed Afzal makes his characters who basically are a bunch of tech junkies who create games for a big firm, sing and dance to a totally rubbish track in the name of character development. Also the rate at which the film moves is agonizingly slow.

The story is about Abhimanyu Kaul (Jackky Bhagnani) who lives in Japan with his live-in partner Anwita Chauhan (Neha Sharma), after the above mentioned drunken night and naach gaana, Abhimanyu receives the sad news that his father Dashrath Kaul (Boman Irani) who incidentally is the prime minister of India is on his death bed. Once his father passes away, the ABKP Party supports Abhimanyu’s candidacy as the acting Prime Minister until the next election, which is six months away. In compliance with his father’s wishes and against those of his girlfriend’s, he accepts.

The 2 hour 14 minutes film now deals with Abhimanyu in a dilemma of how to make things work with his girlfriend and the nation together. What I didn’t like about the film was the over-exaggeration of scenes. A 20 second scene is stretched to around 2 minutes with a weird background score playing along, something that doesn’t even match the aura of that specific scene. The two leads cuddle way too much, hugging and rubbing noses with each other for no particular reason, I guess that’s called hiding your less talented act behind the curtain.

Jacky Bhagnani is not exactly appreciable, though he is better then most of the actors like Imran Khan he still has to learn a lot. Neha Sharma is okay, she does make you feel good with her cuteness. The only reason you can consider watching the film is to pay homage to the late Farooq Sheikh. Sneha Kanwalkar is one of my favourite composers but she fails to leave a mark here.

Final Verdict: Youngistaan promises of big things like Narendra Modi, fakes them like Rahul Gandhi and ultimately gets confused of it’s actual aim like Arvind Kejriwal. Not worth it.

Rating: 1/5

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