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purab, kirti kulhari, jal
purab, kirti kulhari, jal

Interview with Purab and Kirti of JAL

The VJ turned actor Purab Kohli and the beautiful Kirti Kulhari who are known for their modern image, don a desi avatar for their upcoming movie Jal.  JAM gets up close and candid with them as they their life and the movie.

What’s your role in the movie?
Purab: I play a character called Baka who is water diviner, a pani ka devta. They kind of pin point where the water is actually under the ground. So when you want to dig a bore well and you need someone to tell you this where the water is, these are the guys that do it for you. Water diviner..that’s the part.

Kirti: I m playing a Kutchi girl of course. She’s fiery, aggressive, intense passionate and strong headed girl. She is a mother-less child and so she is very independent. She does what she wants to do.

Purab, you have worked with so many directors till now, which one is your favourites?

Girish is a wonderful director I have worked with off late who really allows me to do a lot.  Onir is a great director, who brings the real Purab out. Mohit Suri I have really enjoyed working with. I think that boy has an amazing sense of commercial cinema. The best character I have played is a character called Munna from the movie Awarapan who is a bad guy. I thank Mohit for that. There’s of course Saket Chaudhari with whom I worked very little on Shaadi ke side-effects and I would like to work more with him. Abhishek Kapoor for Rock On was a good opportunity to work with him.

Now that you mentioned about Rock On being a good opportunity. So do you play drums in real since you were a drummer in the movie?

Purab Well, a little bit. I did learn for the first part where I spent 6 months on a drum kit. It was an instrument that I have never played before and to get the beats bang on I had to work really hard. But now I think they are planning part-2 so I think if things get finalized then I’ll have to play the drums again unless I become a guitarist this time.

What made you choose this movie?

Kirti I think the movie chose me more than me choosing the movie. Post Shaitan I had a modern image in the market. So to break that was the most exciting part about Jal and I decided that I have to this.

Are you a travel enthusiast?

Purab When people ask me what have I studied I say I have studied travel. At a very young age, I got onto Channel V and I was their travel host for a number of years. Even beyond Channel V, I have done some travel spots for different channels. The recent one was for ‘Life Me Ek Baar’ for Fox Traveller. I feel the sooner you travel, the more matured you become.

What are your favourite destinations?

Purab That’s a tough question. It’s like asking what your favourite song is or what your favourite movie is. You have a whole collection of places. I make a trip to the Himalayas every year or two either for a shoot or a personal holiday. I love going to the mountains. I live in Goa so I like to go to the beach near my house.

Rapid fire with Purab Kohli.

Mumbai or Pune?
It’s a tough one. I have lived most my life in Mumbai but I also have few relatives in Pune and I have spent few years of my life there. Since I am from Mumbai I like Mumbai better.

VJ or actor?
Purab: Actor.

Eating or travelling?
Purab Travelling to eat more (laughs).

Music or films?
Purab Films.

Your Message for JAM readers

Purab: Few years ago when I was in Channel V I was one of the first few people that JAM had interviewed as the magazine had just come out then. I was also in college so it used to feel pretty cool to be featured in it while being in the college. I am glad that you guys are still round. I think we have a bubbling youth. A lot of population is buzzing the youth space today and you guys are there with them so good luck to you all.

Kirti: Today’s youth are sorted in a lot of ways. You guys are cool already. Just stay focused, be grounded, be humble, be nice and enjoy your life.

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