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Movie review; Bewakoofiyan

Directed by Nupur Asthana (Mujhse Fraandship Karoge) and written by the very talented Habib Faisal, Bewakoofiyan has a subplot that somehow manages to carry the film is that of a guy stricken with the heavy hammer of being fired from a decent job in the era of recession. The other subplot is the old ‘wooing the dad’ that has been done to death in Bollywood for quite some time.

I went into the film 5 minutes late and frankly speaking was not amused at what I was watching for around 20-30 minutes. Even with Rishi Kapoor lighting up the screen every time he appeared the zero chemistry between the lead pair worked against the film.

The story is about Mohit Chadda (Ayushmann Khurrana) recently promoted as a senior executive, he is high on his success, he buys a car and proposes his long time love interest Myrah Sehgal (Sonam Kapoor). The couple are ready to tie the knot but the over-possessive and old-fashioned father Vinod Sehgal (Rishi kapoor), a former IAS officer is not exactly convinced and disapproves off the groom.

Shit hits the fan when Mohit loses his job and struggles to get a new one.

What I liked about the movie was the parallel plot-lines. The one where Mohit has to deal with the stress and tension of finding a new job and the one where he tries helping out the retired to be father-in-law, trying to get a job post retirement. There is only one interesting scene in the first half where Mohit and Vinod talk at the restaurant. Having said that, the focus has not been paid to the recession story. Most of the film deals with the boy’s tryst with his future father-in-law. However, the declining confidence of the protagonist on each and every failure has been depicted quite realistically, also the movie unknowingly gives out a message of aiming a bit too low and stripping down one’s ego for his happiness and satisfaction.

Having said all that, the film doesn’t interests you for most of it’s runtime. There are sequences in the film that are quite pretentious and humourless. To top it all the much needed chemistry in the typical Bollywood love story is missing. Also the movie is a fine example of misplaced scenes and bad editing. The set-pieces which could have uplifted the film to a great extent have not been give enough importance. Rather, the less interesting scenes and unnecessary love-you-love-me-thingy has been repeated quite a few times. Even though, Ayushman is charming, him uttering ‘Bahot hot, khaa jaon tujhe’ for a gazillion times nearly made me lose my shit and punch the screen.

Ayushman is good but there is no versatility in his character portrayal. He does what he has been doing in his previous films. It’s high time he chooses a better film. Frankly, I can’t stand Sonam Kapoor with her child-like pretentious accent and a naive screen presences. Rishi Kapoor overshadows both the characters with his charming persona and witty dialogue delivery. After a beautiful soundtrack in Mujhse Fraanship Karoge, Raghu Dixit disappoints with Bewakoofiyaan. None of the songs left an impact.

Final Verdict: Watch It only if you have nothing better to do. Can be easily skipped.

Rating: 2.5/5

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