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Shaadi Ke side Effects; Review

*The review may or may not contain minor spoilers*

Do you remember the 2006 film Pyaar Ke Side Effects starring Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat? I’d loved it to the core. Even though it lost some steam in the later 2nd half it was fun and hilarious. 8 years later we finally have a sort of sequel from the Balaji Motion Pictures and Pritish Nandy Communications. So does this romantic comedy starring Farhan Akhtar and Vidhya Balan stand upright on the expectations? Yes and No!

I loved Saket Chaudhary’s approach to this film. He has very cleverly broken down the aftermaths of Shaadi in a linear array of scenes thus giving the film a novel like feeling rather than it being a compilation of just random incidents. The film is driven by dialogues and Mr. Chaudhary has done a commendable job of making a film that deals with every single aspect of the side effects of shaadi.

The story of the film is quite predictable and clichéd. As I said before Saket has adopted a novel-like linear approach, which is as follows:

Spicing up the marriage: The film starts off by introducing Sid and Trisha, a couple trying new things to spice up their married life.

The new thing: The film quickly shifts into the baby mode, leading the movie into being a baby movie rather than being a shaadi movie. There are a few funny moments in this segment, particularly the reference to puppies and also the part where Farhan tries to realize what a mother feels like using a water balloon; the ‘Book main likha hai’ part was comic gold.

The aftermath of a baby: This part deals with the responsibilities of a father and Saket effectively shows what a new parent, particularly the father faces. The references of ‘Nikamma Baap’, and the over-growing trouble of no-sex has been shown brilliantly. I was laughing out loud a certain times, especially when Farhan says ‘Tum Milli ki mother zyada aur Sid ki wife kam lagti ho.’

Changes in life: The movie shifts gear and we are now shown the changes that a baby brings in the life of a couple. From the changes in the wife in the bed to her nagging and irritating behaviour, everything is shown step by step. The film also takes you to the part where a man in a marriage loses his friends and makes new one thereafter.

Secret Life: The next segment of the film deals with the getaway to happiness in a marriage – ‘Happy Married Life solely depends on Jhooth.’ This part solely goes to Mr. Ram Kapoor. He plays his role with great zeal and is both likeable and hateful here.

New Padosi and the P.G Life: The movie starts getting over-burdened at this point. It felt like the director was trying too hard to bring more and more aspects into the film. The movie has a special appearance by Purab Kohli and a not so special appearance (pun intended) by Vir Das. Both are related to both the protagonists in some way. Even though Saket tried focusing on both his characters, for most of this part he was dealing with the male lead. The film slips in its pace and the scenes drag a little bit. Your threshold also starts giving up as the movie starts getting a tidy bit long.

Pati Vs Bai (Maid) / Aunty (here): This part was again very interesting, with Ila Arun appearing in a film after a long time. The part shows how dependent a mother is on her maid. The saddest part is that they are more intelligent than the couple. There is also a part where the emotions of an artist come out which is hardly noticeable but worth a mention.

Truth and 2nd chances: As any other cliched Bollywood story the last act of the film take in a sad turn followed by a happy end; where Self Happiness and Family Happiness clash against each other; where truth and lies are revealed.

Even though the film deals with a lot of this, the movie is quite clichéd as mentioned and depends on the charm of its characters. Farhan’s comic timing saves every single normal scene and makes it worth it. Vidya Balan has chosen quite irritating roles in her previous movies and she does the same here but does it with immense talent. The movie also resorts to easy ways when the scenes get too much to handle. The last act gets way too melodramatic and brings down the 2nd half entirely. However, the good in the movie weighs more than the bad.

Final Verdict: This is a matured take on relationships and will be highly appreciated by the people in the mid 30’s. I am quite skeptical about the younger breed of people.

Rating : 3/5

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