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Is this the Incredible India?

We present different points of view by JAM writers;

“Is it really an incredible India??”
– Shweta Chaudhary

Have we forgotten the scars of Bangalore?
The racist attack on a young boy from Arunachal Pradesh again brought shame and despair to our so called “society of diverse culture”. And this is not something that has shocked and jolted our hearts out for the first time. The scar of Bangalore in 2013, where thousands of north eastern students flew to their land due to safety issues, are quite fresh. The question is why are they forced to be runaways in their own country?

We Indians claim with pride to be the part of the land with diverse culture. Or is it “just a saying” that we teach our children daily? Millions of people cry their hearts out loud when an Indian student dies abroad due to racial discrimination.But are those lakhs of north eastern students in Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore as vulnerable as Indians are when they go abroad? It’s really painful to see that they are afraid of sending their children to study in educationally developed cities as even there, such incidence are quite common.

And it is not just the common man to be blamed when the leaders and major political parties, the various Senas that abound, stemmed and determined to discriminate one Indian from another just for their selfish interests. What purpose would “atithi dev bhav” serve when we ourselves live in a country where a citizen is never in peace until he stains his hand with the blood of his own brother?
Is it really an incredible India??

Nido Taniam Murder – Is it really a racist attack…?
– Mahesh Yadav

According to the reports in the newspapers,”Tania returned to his Safdarjung home after Police brokered a compromise between the two parties. But he did not wake up the next day. The post mortem reports do not show any injury or aberrations that could have led to his death”

According to media reports, a fight broke out between shopkeepers of Lajpat Nagar and Nido Taniam concerning his hair style. What is more important here is that none of it really reflects racism. Every single incident concerning either a person from the north east or a Ugandan is always termed as a racist attack. Racism today has become a more of an trump card which can win over any other cards. By calling it a racist attack, we are just running away from the responsibility of finding the real culprits. So many women are being raped in the capital and they are forgotten and incidents like this are given a special importance because here the victim was from Arunachal Pradesh.
Isn’t this opportunism – to play the racist card? Maybe it’s the media and us who are the real racists.

A visa in your own country?
– Sourodip Chakraborty

Welcome to the real narrow minded, non cosmopolitan India. Here we make fun of people based on appearances, colour, from which part of the country they belong to. We take pride in ourselves to be called a marawari, Punjabi, Bengali before an Indian. Are we really united as a nation? Yes??

Just two years ago the Assam violence broke out and here we are back again discriminating each other over people’s colour, appearance and ethnicity. Instead what we are still seeing the likes of a Maharashtra politician and others playing vote bank politics over our mutual differences.

Seriously, why this apparent hatred towards the north-eastern people? Even the mainstream media has always turned cold feet towards the problems of the north-east.

What next for us? A visa in your own country?

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