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Creative Make-Up Tips

From bright lips, cheery cheeks to striking kohl, every lady craves to look perfect and flawless in every party and event. Not only proper dress up, heels and accessories but proper make-up is also should be a key element to be understood by everybody. We very often avoid make-up or use just a kajal or lipstick and visit a party. But, what we don’t understand is the importance of putting and making our own make-up statement for others to follow it. In today’s competitive world, where every other person is competing with one another, it becomes really very important to be creative in one’s own way.

Therefore, doing make-up isn’t important, important is to do it your very OWN way and make your own style and make-up statement.

Here are some of the coolest and most creative waysof applying make-up to your skin where one can exempt their make-up wherever they go:


In this look, eyes remain the main centre of attraction and focus is on the eyes and lashes. The rest of the face is generally kept natural and minimal with letting the eyes and the outfit to do the talking for the night.

The eyes are basically the magic of using a volume lasher Mascara and a good amount of Kohl on the eyes and a darker shade of eye shadow, generally black or brown.

  • The Dusky Copper look:

The metallic shades are generally worn by Indian Women anywhere on the face to contour the depth with good heavy work dress, saree or tradional attire.

In this look, generally the base is kept with skin matched foundation and cheeks are highlighted with a copper colour bronzer for a healthy glossy glow on the cheeks. This look is quiet prompt for women with dusky skin-tones.

  • Classic Retro Appeal:

This look is latest in fashion look where the main highlight feature is lips. Where the rest of the makeup is kept clean, fresh and natural with well-finishes eyes, but the lips are usually kept bold and bright with mate shades of blood red, orange, ruby and florescent pink.

  • Glamour Doll Look:

This look is basically for looking perfect in a party. The party-holics should definitely go for this look as this look basically highlights every feature of your face with perfection and clarity.

The eyes are generally highlighted with the hues of bright eye-shades, usually matched according to the dress and a little shimmer whereas there’s just a tint of colour on the cheeks and lights to neutral shades are used for the lips.

These peppy and perky creative makeup remedies can be applied any day anytime for looking eccentric and fashionable, making your own makeup statement with style. From college parties, discotheque, marriages to clubs, these makeup tricks can never go wrong!


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