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Pain – the ‘not accursed’ version!

Pain – Acrimonious, acrid, acidic, abrasive, bitter, hurtful, agonizing, scary, dreadful, unpleasant, sour, bad, grieving, distressing, suffering, tough, endings, hopelessness, and tears (no, this ain’t a dictionary throw up). These are just ‘few’ of the many words, which try to explain the word – pain.

I have experienced a lot of pain in my life. The pain could have killed me. And it did to an extent that I had lost myself in the darkness of its shadow. But life is not always obvious. That’s the reason why I am still alive and writing this article. Pain can be very powerfully destructive. It can destroy anyone. But pain can also uplift, empower and love! It’s quite surprising to read such soft words under such a terrifying topic, isn’t it? But these emotions are very present in us even while we are experiencing the lowest point of the emotional scale.

I channelized the pain! This was the secret to creation over destruction. I CHOSE to create instead of destroy. Not to forget folks, choice is the highest amount of freedom we own! Pain often comes from outside, but it affects the inside. Whenever I received any kind of pain, I sat down to do paint something I love the most, no matter how tiny the art was. And to my surprise, I created something beautiful! A masterpiece every time I wrote (writing is something I love) in pain. People would appreciate it to eternities.

It kept me wondering, what makes it so beautiful when it’s an outcome of pain and anger. It was the pain itself.
But how can pain ever create? It is a symbol of destruction; of revenge and harm! Since childhood, we are taught this. As a result, we associate pain with endings and never with beginnings. I disagree.

Do something you love when you are in pain and it will create a thriving piece. It is said, ‘love creates.’ I say, ‘pain can create, too.’ Pain is beautiful. Pain can be life-changing. It can open up your heart to new possibilities and horizons.
Let no one take away even an ounce of your peace of mind. The best revenge in life is to grow from pain into the real you.
If you love singing, let pain be your sound. If you love cricket, let pain be your next throw. If you love yourself, let pain be forgiveness. If you love to love, let pain be the most passionate love. But let pain dissolve in the collage of what you love!

Pain is an blessing, in disguise.

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