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Vroom, Vroom, Dhoom 3

Bikes, Babes and Robberies. Dhoom is back for the 3rd freaking time. And it’s a joke until the intermission sign comes up. I was waiting for the movie to introduce the characters a bit more swiftly but what I got was an over-exaggeration of everything there is.

So what if the film is set in the west (Chicago)? It’s Bollywood we are talking about. We have to have a back story that we will use not once or twice but whenever we have to show an emotional scene. We get to introduce every single person with a scene that has to be different from the introduction in the previous movies. Mr. Khan makes his entry by running vertically down a building while currency notes fly through the air with a background score that HAS to be the 110th version of the same ‘Dhoom Machale’. He then dances to what looks like an answer to Hrithik Roshan’s Dhoom intro. Aamir Khan has a constipated expression throughout the Dhoom Tap and the audience is left wondering “What is he trying to do?” Then we have Jr. Bachchan riding an auto-rickshaw, breaking walls and performing wheelies that would make Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible scene look like a gimmick. Needless to say we have the 111th version of Dhoom Machale in the background playing out loud for a good 10 minutes when Mr. Bachchan rides the auto-rickshaw on the roofs of a Mumbai-slum. Take my word, this particular scene in the slum is the stupidest I have seen in a Bollywood movie in a long time.

Next in comes Katrina Kaif swinging and swaying you with a striptease just to get a part in a circus act. What was a relief here was Uday Chopra not getting a song sequence else I would have walked out in the first half itself. I wouldn’t be lying when I say there is not one interesting scene in the first half.

Just before the first half we get a twist in the tale. Things start lighting up. The constipated Aamir is gone and we see him shine through. The movie borrows heavily from a masterpiece, naming which would be a big spoiler. The film glides along well. The problem here is – The Dhoom movies are known for the high octane action and the heists that happen. We see all the unnecessary action in the first half with no heist. We just see the chases throughout the movie where the director plays with the bikes like they are toys giving you something to laugh at. The positive here is the pretty great special effects. You see the transformations but they are done pretty decently.

I have a simple equation to sum everything about this: Dhoom >>>>>> Dhoom 2 > Dhoom 3.

There is a scene between Jr. Bachchan and John in the first Dhoom where they merely talk while walking out of the casino. That one scene weighs more than the entire Dhoom 3 movie.

Aamir Khan is good in the second half. Jr. Bachchan is quite okay. I never had a problem with Uday Chopra, wonder why the internet is so bitchy about him. I was glad Katrina Kaif had nothing to do with the clichéd plots and subplots because I simply can’t stand her when she tries to act. She is just the eye candy here. The movie falters with the flawed screenplay and you can clearly see the flaws every now and then. The editing is way too sloppy. It could have very easily been 2 hour and 20 minutes long. The direction is ridiculously over the top that it’s actually funny.

Final Verdict: In spite of the flaws and the bad about the movies it’s quite watchable. Get a ‘Happy Burger’ and Mountain Dew and enjoy the fun!

Rating : 3/5

Editor’s comment: This is what happens when movies get over-rated, they must remember that they need to live up to the hype.

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