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Review; Jackpot

Just when I thought it was over, Bollywood does it again. Kaizad Gustad’s Jackpot isn’t just boring but is extruding and messed up. Jackpot is Kaizad’s attempt at a Noir that misfires at every instance.

Set in Goa the movie mostly revolves around the popular Casino boat – Jackpot. The story is about a group of young con-artists who plan to rob the casino’s game. But Mr. Kaizad makes things over-complicated by bringing in sub-plots that join the main plot yet look so disjointed. The group of con-artists have a master plan. The Boss (Mr. Shah) holds a Poker Tournament at his casino and the prize money is 5 crores. The real game starts after the jackpot money goes missing and all three of them – Boss, Maya (Sunny Leone) and Francis (Sachin Joshi) are after the amount.

The script is simple. People running around for the money in the Jackpot bag. What lacks in the film is imagination, the film could have been thrilling. But Gustad decided to remain passive and treat the films with a contrived style of narration. Which would even get him confused. I have not seen a Bollywood film in years which made me yawn like this one did. Even when the climax unfolds, it is so freaking boring that you might just want to stand up and move out of the theater. (Well what’s a Sunny Leone film without the climax!)

With so much wrong going on with the movie you expect the performance to be at least satisfactory, but no. Even Naseeruddin Shah seems insincere here. He is so bad that you feel there is someone else acting behind those fake dreadlocks of his. Sachin Joshi is pathetic, that man can’t act and he should learn this before he loses all his gutkha industry earned money on incredible craps like these. The orgasmic expression of Sunny Leone are the only perfect thing about the movie, but when you sit and manipulate the movie you understand that the bond-wannabe song in the starting and the one’s that were introduced in the film were totally out of place. Leone looks hot in clothes, but the perfect body, figure and assets can’t be noted down as acting.

Final Verdict : Kaizad’s direction is very naive, he doesn’t even know where to put a specific scene. The film felt like it was a long music video. Something that lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes but seems like a 3 hour torture to your head. Don’t watch it. Never Ever.

lonely leone

lonely leone

Rating : 0.5/5

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