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Sunny Paaji The Great

He will slide down the dust while he rides a bullet and you will hear a lion roar in the background , he will catch swords thrown at him in mid-air and make the gundas believe at the effect of his Dhai-kilo-ka-haath while quoting Guru Gobind Singh Ji, he will pour ghee over the goons and pick them up and throw them into fire like toys, he will force you to cheer out hoarse and you may damage your hands clapping to his heroism when he proclaims that there is a Gandhi in him, but also Patel and a Bhagat Singh, he will then kick a goon in the stomach who lands on an electric fence which catches fire and explodes.
It’s Sunny Paaji’s show all the way. It’s really too much when a skinny hero tries to show his machismo by killing big gangsters and gundas but it’s only believable when Sunni Paaji beats them up to pulp while an opera singer shouts ‘Singh Saab’ in the background. Are you one of those who has been in awe of Sunni Paaji right from your childhood ? Have you been a fan of the Dhai kilo ka haath and the vintage Sunny Deol shouting ? Have you grown up seeing him fight to tons of people alone yet beating everyone up like a football ? If the answer to any of those questions was YES , THIS IS FOR YOU !!
If you are a 90’s kid you’ll understand the value of movies like Ghatak, Gadar and everything he starred in. The Anil Sharma and Sunny Deol pair still feel like they are in the 90’s. With everything that a 90’s film has. Right from a villain who doesn’t fail to laugh at the things which will hurt the hero’s family, with the hero getting drunk and dancing to his fathers steps, even proclaiming at a point ‘Lagta hun na main Dharmendra ka beta‘. Where he gives life changing dialogues and the camera zoom to his eyes every now and then , where he beats people up in slow-motion and turns a jeep with his bare hand. No one complains, no one ever will.
If you have a slightly higher IQ level and masala films with genuine novelty are not your cup of tea kindly stay away from this. If you cannot look around and talk while some not so necessary songs show up this is not for you. If you are not comfortable with a Bhojpuri villain who gives his dialogues in a Kannada accent this is not for you.
Final Verdict : If you are an ardent Sunny Deol fan and have been let down with a few of his previous movies you’ll love Singh Saab The Great. If you are a Punjabi or even a slightly happy guy/girl who can sit back and watch the man roar this is for you.
Rating : 3/5

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