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Grand Masti

If you remember Indra Kumar’s Masti back in 2004, you will recall how uncomfortable it made the audience. While Masti was uncomfortable for the majority it was quite okay for a few people including me. It wasn’t actually an adult comedy but quite close. Grand Masti is again not an adult comedy because calling something which I could barely tolerate as an adult comedy would be an insult to the genre. Grand Masti is obnoxious, cheap and un-funny.

I am not against making fun of women. I loved Pyaar Ka Punchnaama. But this movie is an utter disgrace to the women race. If a person comes out of the theatre saying he/she enjoyed the movie and also maintains that he/she respects women, he/she is just being a hypocrite. Kick him in the balls please (For I am sure women will not like it)!

The movie depicts the male species as horny ***holes and women are available for the pick up at all times. It’s actually unsympathetic and unorthodox of the makers to come up with such a movie at a time when then are so many atrocities happening against women in our nation. This is something which is, quite frankly, demeaning.

This might sound quite impotent coming from someone who himself enjoys hotness around the internet . But I have my grounds on whatever that is publicly delivered to be right and wrong. There were a few gags where I laughed. YES, I did because somewhere down the lane I too am a horny male. But praising such movies will give a green flag to the makers.

Enough about being a moral police, coming to the movie, it’s just senseless in every sense of the word. It’s only Bollywood that can come up with such shit!

The three MEN (not going by the poster that says BOYS) Amar, Prem and Meet during their last days in college, meet their new principal Robert Pereira who hangs young men to a tree and strips them naked to punish them, if they are caught eyeing any woman!

It’s now been six years since they have graduated. All three are frustrated as they don’t have a sex life because their wives are busy. When the three men are left astray to attend their college reunion, the trio hook up with their former Principal’s daughter, wife and sister suggestively named Rose, Mary and Marlow (!). The problems begin when the principal gets to know what these men are up to. And then the predictable and cheap comic book plot ensues.

I am all eyes for skin flicks. But even to a guy like me the unadulterated cacophony was utterly intolerable and cheap. The movie has nothing (read NOTHING) barring stupid jokes that amused a lot of people in the theatre except for me and a few others.

The performances by the three lead men are utterly disgusting. I wonder what made the women in the movie especially the superhot Bruna Abdullah, who can barely talk in proper Hindi, accept and do such a role which immensely mistreats the female gender so openly!

Final Verdict: If you want to watch an adult comedy – Go watch American Pie – Reunion. You will get half of the gags in that movie. Others – home is heaven, remember?

Rating: 1/5

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