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white house down movie
white house down movie

Movie Review; White House Down

It’s a superb movie!
Chaning Tatum who is a cop Cale with Washington DC police, an ex-soldier with an aspiration to join the US President’s security. He has an interview with the secret service, and takes his daughter(Joey King) along – for a tour of the White House. His daughter is a big fan of the White House and of the President (played by Jamie Foxx).

Action begin in the first 15 minutes. The White House has huge security breach. Within no time it is devastated by explosions, the security staff are killed and the President a few important aides and a bunch of tour guests taken hostage.
There is obvio0usly some traitor who is superbly played by James Woods. How the cop Chaning helps the president and kicks ass of the goons forms the rest of the movie.

The sets of the movie are a real delight. Watch it for a tour of the White House.

The stunts, the vfx effects, the action sequences, are absolutely perfect the plot of the movie keeps you on the edge of the seat.
Performances – Chaning Tatum plays the hero quite well, Jamie Foxx as president SAWYER imitating Barack Obama is commendable, the little actor Chaning’s daughter played by Joey King was super.

Maggie Gylenhall as part of the President’s security detail plays her role to perfection. In an interview she says they were advised by agents while they were filming. A few good details were how the security agencies, the CIA and the Army fight with each other in a bureaucratic mess, when the President is taken.

Characters played by actors James Woods, Richard Jenkins and Jason Clarke are top notch and the character played by actress was noteworthy Director Roland Emmerich has a great vision for a story

This is an action thriller movie, and not a serious insider story of the White House security.

My Rating 3. 5 stars

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