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For Dad – Smit T on trying to be the Son,

A week ago, I had a heated argument with dad; argument over a useless issue. Useless would be my term, but for him, it meant 12 hours work a day, at his up scale restaurant in Andheri. He even offered me six hundred bucks, but I blatantly refused it. It was so meagre an amount for working 12 hours a day. I didn’t want to act as a substitute for his manager, Tejpal, who was on family leave. I am in my sixteenth year, want to enjoy with friends, flirt, and share photos and travel a lot. I certainly didn’t want to end up as a manager at his restaurant. I shouted my thoughts at him, went in the room, throwing a tantrum.
It was eleven in the night and my father was scheduled to go to Bangalore. I could hear my mom and my young brother waving him a goodbye. Father had come to my room, but left seeing me asleep ( I was pretending to). I neither stood up to say a goodbye nor accompanied him downstairs. I was very angry with him. But somewhere in the deepest corner of my heart, I felt sorry.
Next day, everywhere, on TV, texts, hoardings, internet, there were chants of father and fatherhood. Is this for me, to make me realize my mistake? I questioned myself. It was not until my girlfriend texted me and wished my father; I realized the importance – it was Father’s day! I had forgotten it in the aftermath of yesterday’s fight. I unlocked my phone and looked into the dialling screen. I called him up but cut it midway. Why should I call him? He didn’t even message me to say that he had reached Bangalore safe and sound. I thought about this the entire day, but didn’t find the need to call him up. This was my attitude, bad attitude.
Four days had passed. I was told by mom that dad would arrive in the evening by train. Slowly I felt the need to talk to him. I should not have argued and spoken in such a manner. I should have called him up on Father’s day. How come I forget that he was the one who had taught me to ride my bicycle? How come I forget his beating when a math problem went wrong?
I finally realized and headed to pick him up. There he was standing for an auto. I waived to him and a big, bright smile rose up on his face. I took up the advantage and clicked a picture (as he hardly smiles such brightly). And there ended our bitter fight.

father, son

father, son

P.S: – This article is based on my own experience. Everyone teenager has regular debates with his parents over financial, love and education matters. You can see this in every Indian household. Each and every mother-father is loving and caring and strict at the same time. So never develop an ill feeling towards them if they do not give you things of your choice all the time. Be happy in what you get. Love them. Love yourself. Thank God that you have such wonderful parents who at least can provide you with clean drinking water. Inculcate this proverb in your life ”I was sad when I had no shoes; but I cried when I saw a man with no legs”!

June 16th is Father’s Day

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