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2012- Brings the best out of London.

An insider view of the city buzzing with the Olympics.
Oh how things have changed in the last several months. The entire city is swamped by sports lovers.

On weekends, I work at a hotel in central London where most of our guests have come in just to watch the Olympics! From countries far away like China, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, America and many other more. Just a couple of days back, I witnessed a French guest chatting with a Chinese guest right outside the hotel. The French guy in a funny manner stated that he hates the Chinese because in his favourite sport in Olympics the French were always at the 2nd spot to the Chinese who always went with the gold. And they both got lost deep in conversation. It was a great to see how people from different countries come together to enjoying their holiday, totally dedicated to Olympics!
The number of people travelling to the UK is almost a million a day during these Olympics. One can experience it in the tubes. Especially, in Stratford, where the Olympic park is located, I got a feeling as if I was travelling in Mumbai . When I saw that massive crowd, I was really inspired how sports can influence countries to come together and unite. This is something HUGE that’s missing in India.
Only if we youngsters take this responsibility and make India known for sports, instead of just watching cricket on TV.
The Olympic spirit has lifted the entire country. Just for a change, UK is now known for being something other than a recession hit country. It has created thousands of job opportunities across London and UK. Thousands of volunteers are coming forward to serve just to make this event successful. Hats off, to all of them.
The Olympics opening ceremony was one of the best events that I ever witnessed in my life. As I was watching it with my mouth wide open, I did wonder just how much money was spent on all this. A quick Google search suggested £ 9 billion! One wonders if this is really worth spending tax payer’s money, while giant companies are planning thousands of job cuts.
For now it is the best that London can be.

– Sajiv VJ

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