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2011 ICC World Cup – Time for Change

West Indies played host to the most controversial, if not the most disastrous Cricket World Cup in modern history. The 2007 edition of this legendary contest will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, least of all the harrowing performance of the Indian cricketers. Determined to regain its reputation, the ICC has rung in the changes to ensure the successful running of the tournament. Roshan Gopalakrishna, who works closely with the ICC with regards to copyright infringements and intellectual property rights, shared his thoughts.

“There is a lot at stake, the ICC is very serious about ensuring that the tournament runs without any glitches”, says Roshan, who is also an associate with the law offices of Nandan Kamath. “There is going to be a change in format- this tournament will see 2 groups of 7, which means a more even playing field and a shorter tournament”, he adds, confident of a blemish-free event. “Particularly in the Indian sub-continent, organising events of such a magnitude can be very tedious; the ICC has recognised that and has been working very hard” he says.

One very interesting fact is that this will be the first World Cup to have mobile monitoring and audio protection. “In addition to preventing live streams online, we will also have mobile monitoring and prevent online commentary”, says Roshan who will personally be handling ambush marketing at some of the venues across India. “With increased valuations and today’s Internet trends, sponsors and broadcasters need to be protected and that’s where we come in!”

All the measures have been taken, but none of that will matter if India doesn’t win the World Cup!!!

– Ganesh Shankar

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