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1984 George Orwell

Ever imagined what the world would be like in 2050? Yes. Some Indian film maker did and made a mess out of it. But not everyone botches such stories up. Way back in 1950, just a year before Author George Orwell died, he wrote the book 1984.

There are many things about the novel that will strike you. Firstly it is very eloquently written, yet somehow you feel the characters lack feelings. The book is a fine piece of work not only in the way Orwell writes it, but the way it makes a statement about humanity in future.

Winston Smith is a man who works for the Big Brother. Everyone in the state of Oceania works for the totalitarian government. He, like many others, doubts the intentions of the government, but cannot do much as he has to live inside the system. Oceania along with Eastasia and Eurasia is one of the three super states of the future — that is 1984. Living here is like living in jail. All the citizens are
constantly watched.

The three states are constantly fighting over each other. One thing that is common in the way in which these states function is that they all want to have complete power over the past, present and the future. Here you will find a similarity with the pigs changing the rules in
Animal farm.

As big brother is constantly watching over its citizens, it is also using newspeak and telescreens to slowly brainwash the peoples’ minds. This was something, we realise today, Orwell was trying to warn us against.
But then something happens and Winston falls in love with another girl, Julia, who works with him. They both want to rebel and both confess their ideas to O’Brein, who they think will help them. But are devastated when everything they thought was real, turns out to be a part of the game plan for Big Brother. O’Brein is the representative of
the government.

Julia and Winston are captured and taken to torture cells. Here, Winston is told that Julia has betrayed him and that he should too give up. And he does. Slowly through torture, Winston is made to realise and accept that yes, the torture is being done for his own good, and that he deserves it.

There are two realities we deal with. One is what is going on outside in the real world, as we call it, and one that we know is for real within our heads. These are two different things and cannot gel most of the times.
Orwell’s 1984 tells us this.

– nikita

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