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16% Candidates in Delhi have declared Criminal cases

ADR Association for Democratic Reforms is India’s independent elections watchdog. They fought long hard battles for one cause – to clean up politics, to keep criminals out. By exposing them through a simple process of law. Every candidate whether a criminal or clean, files a sworn affidavit before the election commission, in which he/she has to declare his/her criminal record, their wealth, education and things which will help you decide if you want to vote them out or in.

Here is the chance to vote out criminals who straddle every political party that give us the rotten, so called system.

Well here is the something you’d want to know about candidates fighting Elections in Delhi. Or in your state.
Delhi Election Watch (DEW) and ADR have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 796 candidates (out of 810) who are contesting in the Delhi State Assembly Elections. Detailed reports are available in English and Hindi on their website, please visit http://adrindia.org/content/assembly-elections-states-chhattisgarh-mp-mizoram-rajasthan-delhi

Candidates with Criminal Cases: Out of the 796, 129 candidates(16%) have declared criminal cases against them.
In 2008 Delhi Assembly elections there were 111 (14%) with criminal cases out 790 candidates analysed.

The number of criminals trying to enter politics is growing. It is definitely not coming down!

Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases:
Out of these 129 candidates who have declared criminal cases, 93 (12%) have declared serious criminal cases. These include attempt to murder, robbery, dacoity and crimes against women.

  • Congress : 15 (21%) out of 70 candidates
  • BJP : 31 (46%) out of 68 candidates
  • BSP : 14 (21%) out of 67 candidates
  • AAP : 5 (7%) out of 70 candidates

All parties also have candidates with serious criminal cases against them.
Sadly the number of criminals in politics has increased from 2008 to the 2013 elections.
What it means is that a highly literate state of Delhi is unable to stop criminals from entering politics.

Cases of Attempt to Murder and related charges:
1 candidate has declared charges relating to causing death by negligence (IPC 304A)
3 candidates have declared charges related to attempt to commit culpable homicide (IPC 308)
10 candidates declared attempt to murder charges.

Cases related to Robbery and Dacoity:
3 candidates have declared robbery or dacoity related charges against them.

Crimes against Women:
13 candidates have declared crimes against women. 9 of these 13 candidates have declared charges related to assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty (IPC Section-354).

Financials: Kaun Banega Maha Crorepati :

  •  2013 : Out of the 796 candidates analysed, 265 (33%) are crorepatis.
  •  2008 : Out of the 790 candidates analysed fewer – 180 (23%) were crorepatis.

Average assets per candidate contesting in the 2013 Delhi Assembly Elections is Rs.3.43 Crores.
Average asset per candidate in 2008 Delhi Assembly elections was Rs.1.77 crores.


  •  Congress candidates average is Rs 14.25 crores,
  • BJP candidates average is Rs.8.16 crores
  • AAP candidates is Rs. 2.51 crores.

Candidates with Biggest Assets :

  •  Manjinder Singh Sirsa of Akali Dal has declared highest assets worth Rs.235.51 crores
  •  Sushil Gupta of INC declared assets worth Rs.164.44 crores
  •  Ashok Kumar Jain of INC declared assets worth Rs.143.69 crores.

Undeclared PAN:
117(15%) out of 796 candidates analysed have not declared their PAN details.

Lets look at 66 MLAs from the current assemble who are re-contesting  2013.
66 sitting MLAs in Delhi Assembly are re-contesting elections on Dec 4, 2013. Delhi Election Watch (DEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analysed the affidavits of these 66 MLAs.

  •  In 2008 : Assets of these 66 MLAs were Rs 2.90 Crores per MLA
  • In 2013 : The average asset of these 66 MLAs grew to Rs 10.43 Crores per MLA.

At an average every MLA grew roughly 300% !!! Now you decide if these MLAs were serving themselves and fattening their income.  Let us also clarify, the assets shown are as per declarations in their affidavits. Actual undeclared assets(in  names of their family) may be much, much higher! This is the story with every state assembly in India.

Sad or amusing?  Don’t forget to look up for your candidate’s qualification, before you vote – here is the link once again where you can look up details for each of the 5 states going in for elections.

Keep the criminals out.  You owe it to yourself.!

Say no to Criminals

Say no to Criminals. Jai Hind.



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