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11/11: 11 Best Music videos of the the last 11 years

Videos can make a song, or break a song. Bhairavi and Kaushik countdown to the ones that had it all!

11. Around the world – Daft Punk (1997)
Astronauts, Skeletons, Mummies – the video features all of them going “round” in concentric circles for 3 whole minutes!

10. Right here right now – FatboySlim (1998)
This video will take you through the ages of human evolution, right from the opening screen (350 billion years ago) to the finale which has Fatboy lazing on a bench.

9. Smack my bitch up – Prodigy (1997)
A regular day in the life of a typical disorganized, boozing, doping, women-beating..er..woman. Shot brilliantly from a first-person view, with explicit footage aplenty.

8. Hey boy hey girl – Chemical Brothers (1999)
This video shows a girl, who’s got this freakish X-ray vision due to which she sees skeletons…lots of skeletons!

7. Feel good inc – Gorillaz (2005)
The sky’s the limit when it comes to Gorillaz’s videos. The iconic animated characters are surreal and the video is mesmerizing.

6. Freak on a leash – Korn (1998)
A wicked Korn video; its highlight – the bullet sequence, which comes piercing through the virtual world into the real one, where the band is playing.

5. Coffee & TV – Blur (1999)
Sometimes the video may not have anything to do with the song, this one follows that ideology. The milk carton toon looking for a missing family member cracks you up.

4. Imitation of life – REM (2001)
This one must have surely striken many a conversation about how it was made. The video was shot in just 20 seconds, and the rest is a repetitive loop called the “pan and scan” technique.

3. Virtual insanity – Jamiroquai (1997)
Funky head gear or absurd dance moves, Jay Kay always has groovy videos. The black couch sliding across the stark white room complements the craziness of his music.

2. What it feels like for a girl – Madonna (2000)
This Guy Ritchie directed 4:34 minute video is like a mini-movie. But it was banned due to its graphic nature. The last shot is mind-blowing!

1. Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers (2000)
The video upped the ante for the entire rock genre. It starts off with the player selection and ends with the “game over” display – like a typical video game.

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