So, I’m learning to drive a car, you know, ’cause I’m 18 now, and that’s what adults do. To those of you who have been driving since you were 14, stop laughing and get out. Seriously, I am 18 and barely tall enough to handle the break and keep my head high enough to keep my eyes on the road at the same time. Get out.(And those of you who think children don’t drive without proper licenses, who are you kidding?) I have also never been enthusiastic about driving any vehicle, which is completely understandable because of the lack of roads in my neighborhood.
However, I was left no choice but to learn to drive and even got my own personal instructor to teach me. Yes, one of those ‘driving schools’, because our only car is too young to be tortured like that. Anyway, car driving turned out to be more fun that I had anticipated. And I’m not saying that just because I like to give my instructor mini heart-attacks and hear real fear in his voice when he shouts silow-silowwww (read: slow) because I’m a sadist. No, I say this because pot-holes turned out to be more fun that I had anticipated, and I have had enough time to think over this statement. And yes, I am sober. You see, in my neighbourhood, you don’t get pot-holes in the road; you get patches of road between majestic pot-holes and you have little choice but to enjoy it.
So, without further ado, here are some reasons why pot-holes are absolutely great.
1. Employment. The more pot-holes you have, the more you have to repair the roads again and again, and the more you have to do that, the more employment offered to skilled and unskilled workers and viola! more income.
2. Spiritual development. Pot-holes make sure you stay connected with God as you chant his name when you go over them, thus helping in your spiritual development.
3. Economic development. These blessed pot-holes help in speedy wear-and-tear of vehicles which not only increase the repair costs, but also result in increased sales of vehicles resulting in increased production and GDP for the country.
4. Personality development. Pot-holes teach you patience like no one else can. You can be the king of the world and you would still have to bow down to the power of pot-holes and slow down for them. Moreover, they improve your concentration as you only focus on getting to your destination alive.
5. Pot-holes practically eradicate arguments between hot-headed drivers because of the very reason that everyone is so focused on keeping their vehicle and their bodies in one piece.
6. Getting you closer to nature. If you are the passenger and not the driver, pot-holes give you the perfect opportunity to admire the beauty of nature that surrounds  you which you are unable to do in an otherwise speeding vehicle.
7. Extending the previous point, driving over pot-holes will give you the illusion of riding a camel or an elephant depending on the type of pot-holes and let’s admit it, we all need to remember what that feels like with the rapidly declining animal population.
8. Improving your immune system. Chances are, if there are pot-holes, there is whole lot of dust to go along with it, and what better way to improve your immune system than to inhale dust with every breath and introduce new bacteria to your body?
9. Personal hygiene. If you travel on these streets on a daily basis, then no matter how lazy you are, you will be forced to bathe twice/thrice every day hence making you the cleanest person ever.
10. Deducing powers. Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes? Because these pot-holes will send your deducing abilities through the roof as you learn to gauge the depth of a pot-hole from a distance and brace yourself accordingly. Oh, and monsoons will give this ability of yours a whole new level of expertise.
11. Last but not the least, if you, like me, have learned to drive on these kind of roads, then you can drive anywhere in the world. Yay!


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